Sergio Perez became the first Mexican formula 1 driver to make the podium in his home country

Photo courtesy of Alberto-g-rovi, via Wikimedia Commons.

By Mariyah Ramirez

Sergio Perez is a Formula 1 driver who races for Red Bull. His nickname “Checo ” is a common Mexican nickname for those named Sergio. Checo is from Guadalajara, Mexico and has been a Formula 1 racer since 2011.

It’s been rough for Red Bull the last couple of seasons because Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon have failed to make their mark in a Red Bull Seat, despite high expectations. 

This season, the Red Bull team chose Max Verstappen and Checo to attempt to knock Mercedes out of the championship.

Checo recently won the 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix, however, he has had many issues this season, causing him to finish in P4 or P5 during the races.

On Sunday, there was a lot of pressure on Checo because they were racing in the Mexico Grand Prix.

Last season, he didn’t feel like he tried his best, but this season he had to bring it home for Mexico and keep up with Verstappen.

On Sunday, he made history and became the first Mexican driver to stand on the podium at his home race.

However, he was disappointed on Saturday because he ended up starting in P4 and he felt like he didn’t give it his best effort.

“Being on the podium at your home Grand Prix is something very special,” Checo said in an interview with Reuters. “Obviously I wanted more, I wanted to win the race and obviously to finish one-two for the team would have been amazing, you know.”We are such competitive persons that if we finish third, we really, really don’t enjoy it but today is one of those days that I must enjoy because of the crowd and seeing so many people so happy.”

Checo was able to redeem himself on Sunday. However, Lewis Hamilton raced for Mercedes and he placed P2 at the Mexican Grand Prix.

Checo was P3 at the end of the race. Not only did he make history by being the first Mexican to place in a Mexico tournament, but he carried the hope of Mexico at the Mexican Grand Prix.

As Checo walked onto the podium, shouts of his fans and the waving of Mexican flags dominated the crowd. He truly made his home country proud.

It was the first time that he raced on his home soil since 2019. Checo’s fans were so excited that the race sold about 130,000 tickets for all three days of the event, according to the Formula 1 website.

This event was huge for Formula 1 racing because races have not taken place in Mexico and Brazil due to the Pandemic for two whole years.

Now, they go on to race in Brazil where they continue to fight their opponent team, Mercedes.