Last-minute gift ideas

By Angelina Herrera

Despite the fact that Christmas falls on the same day every year and becomes a phenomenon almost two months before the date, somehow it always creeps up on us. While some people start their holiday shopping weeks before Christmas Day, there are also those holiday shoppers who rush at the last minute to get whatever they can find for a Christmas gift. Although money or gift cards are an easy solution, here are a few ideas for last-minute gifts that can show a more thoughtful approach. 

For the homebodies: 

For those loved ones who love to stay home and relax, consider a gift basket with a movie-night theme. Fill it with their favorite snacks like candy and popcorn and a dvd of a movie they should enjoy. Throw in some cozy socks and a candle and you’ve set the mood for their night of relaxation. 

For stressed out loved ones:

If friends or family are under pressure and feeling anxious, create a gift basket with a self-care theme. Add skincare products, candles, journals, comfy clothing, and teas to help bring their exhausting day to a more laid back and relaxed evening. These little gifts can also be given as individual gifts. 

For the bookworm: 

Although a new book you think they will love is always a great option for your loved one who always has their nose in a book, you can give anything there are other book-related gift ideas that might make their day. Consider personalized bookmarks or a book embosser to help them start their personal libraries. When in doubt, give a Barnes & Noble gift card as it allows for the receiver to have a wide variety of books to choose from and a bookstore experience.

For the fashionista: 

Accessories like jewelry or even a jewelry box, hair accessories, sunglasses, or hats are simple touches that show the fashionista in your life that you care. Accessories like these not only give a little help to your loved one’s outfit, but help them think of you when they wear them.

For the writer: 

Stationery supplies like notebooks, pens, stickers, journals, and pencil cases are a great way to show your writer friends and family you are thinking of them. Whether they’re writing a novel or completing their bullet journals, these supplies can be personalized to get their writing juices flowing.

For the athlete: 

Athletes need all sorts of equipment to keep them in prime condition. This could mean sports gear or training equipment, but even more simply it could mean food and sports drinks to keep them fit, healthy, and hydrated. 

 We hope these ideas can help a late holiday shopper and give them a place to start with their shopping list for the holiday shopping that they are trying to cram into the last week leading up to the holidays