Highlander Strings Orchestra Association offers students music lessons

By Diana Arutyunyan

Granada Hills Charter (GHC) provides a lot of different opportunities in order for students to develop themselves in many different ways. 

Students can play many different sports. They can also take a lot of different electives such as cooking and engineering. They can join teams such as Model United Nations or Robotics. They can also enjoy a musical education.

Beginning Tuesday November 30, the The Highlander Strings Orchestra Association (HSOA) offered after school music lessons to GHC students.

“Despite some complications, the first lessons seemed to go well. Everyone really seemed to enjoy it. I’m excited for the next meeting,” HSOA co-president and senior Megan Merrifield said.Merrifield said.

HSOA is a club that helps the orchestra students raise funds for their team as well as giving student musicians a place to connect and learn more about music.

Although the club has offered lessons in previous years, this is the first year that they are open to students outside of the orchestra class. Some orchestra students are willing to help new people learn how to play the instrument.

“A musician that wants to teach should be able to share their passion for performing with others,” music teacher and club adviser Joseph Cooper says. 

Some people from the club are already deeply educated about musical instruments. 

“My primary instrument is violin, but I also play piano and guitar. I have been playing the violin for about ten years. I started learning piano 11 or 12 years ago and recently started learning guitar last year,” 

All students can join the club even if they do not have their own instruments. Students can practice on the school’s instruments. 

“The school does provide instruments for the lessons but not to take home, since the orchestra members use the instruments too. Hopefully, students who are invested in learning are able to get access to a personal instrument,” Merrifield said.

Some of the instruments available to learn through this after school program are violin, viola, cello, piano, and guitar. 

The meetings happen weekly, alternating between Tuesdays and Thursdays, and are held in J04.

Thanks to the HSOA and the skills they have learned both through the school program and outside of school, all GHC students can learn how to play a musical instrument even if they do not have any musical background. The experience also offers an opportunity to meet new people who share an interest in music.