Rejection offers the opportunity for redirection

By Divine Hanna

Whether it’s being picked last on teams or opening up your email to, “We regret to inform you…,” rejection is one of the most shameful feelings of all. These salt-in-the-wound experiences, no matter the size or significance, tend to restrict us into a little bubble where we ultimately fear the unknown. 

In a world of uncertainty and doubt, it is common for people to avoid situations where there is a possibility of being rejected. Nothing in life is promised, and it seems easier to stay on the safe side by avoiding the forsaken feeling of not knowing. 

On the contrary, rejection is necessary to grow as an individual. Although it’s hard to believe, it is beneficial to experience the redirection that stems from rejection. This feeling allows us to grow.  Not experiencing rejection once makes you feel complacent and keeps you from changing or progressing into a better person. When things always go your way, you won’t learn anything new.
One of the most important lessons we receive is to learn from our mistakes. Rejection allows you to rethink your path and options in life, and it may be a sign that there is something more fitted for you. It expands the borders of what we had previously wanted, and opens our eyes to the endless opportunities there are.  Whether this rejection leads to a failed relationship, a lost job opportunity, or even a failing grade, each of these gives opportunities to find something new or to try harder.

Especially in the midst of college decisions being released, a rejection letter is the last thing a high school senior wants to face. It is crucial to hope for the best, yet important to prepare for the worst in these situations. If worst comes to worst, remember it is never personal as it is their loss, not yours. In all cases, including college rejections, there are always other options to consider.

Usually, our brains are wired to take rejection as a sign of weakness, but it can be a positive thing for us, even if it will break your heart. It will sting worse than a bad sunburn, but it is your job to make the best out of the situation. A positive mindset towards the negative situation will always bring the best outcomes.

The stigma around rejection gives the word such a negative connotation, when in reality it is a positive opportunity to find motivation and a new perspective.