Rams conquer the Bengals in the 56th Super Bowl

By Erick Joven

The  LA Rams haven’t won a Superbowl since 2000 against the Tennessee Titans. Let’s take a look at how the Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl 56.

The key players on offense for the Los Angeles Rams were four superstars, the recently acquired Mathew Stafford who spent 12 seasons on the Detroit Lions, Cooper Kupp the most valuable asset to the Rams wide receivers, Aaron Donald possibly the best defensive player ever, and the also recently acquired Von Miller from the Denver Broncos. 

Stafford went on in the regular season to throw for 4,886 yards 41 touchdowns 17 interceptions and a passer rating of 102.9 which is good. In the game Stafford threw 40 times, two of which were intercepted and completed 26 of those throws. Out of the 26 completions he threw, three  of them went for touchdowns.  

Kupp has been flawless all season. During the regular season Kupp had 145 receptions, second most all-time by a receiver in the regular season, just five catches short of tying the record set by Michael Thomas in 2019 with 149 receptions. With 145 receptions Kupp had 1,947 total yards, an average of 13.4 yards on every catch, and 16 touchdowns. During the Super Bowl, Kupp had eight receptions, 92 total yards, and an average of 11.5 yards per carry. Of his eight catches, two of them went for touchdowns.

Donald is a three-time Defensive Player of the Year. Possibly the most feared defensive tackle of all time. This regular season he had 84 combined tackles, 46 assisted tackles and 12.5 total sacks. During the Super Bowl, he had four combined tackles, one assisted tackle, and two sacks.

The Rams acquired Miller only one day before the trade deadline from the Denver Broncos. Miller helped his former team win Super Bowl 50, and was also named the MVP of that game. He brought these impressive skills to the Rams. Miller was coming off an injury when joining the LA Rams, However this year during the regular season, he had 19 combined tackles, nine assisted tackles and 4.5 sacks. During the Super Bowl he had two sacks.

In the first quarter the Rams were off to a rough start on offense. The second time with the ball, they began running the ball as well as throwing it with good execution. 

With 6 minutes and 30 seconds left in the quarter Stafford threw a perfect pass to Beckham, putting them up seven with the extra point. 

The next defensive stop came with ease and the ball was back in the offense’s hands. Not much was done this time. With 30 seconds left in the quarter the Rams held the Bengals to only three points.

During the second quarter, Stafford threw a dart to OBJ who went for a massive gain on offense. Shortly after running back Henderson had a catch and run for positive yardage. 

With 13 minutes left, Stafford found Kupp in the endzone for the Rams’ second score putting them up 13-10 due to a missed extra point caused by a messed up snap. 

OBJ went down with four minutes left in the second quarter due to a knee injury and you could begin to see the struggle with the offense. An interception was thrown with only two minutes left. With one minute left, the Rams sacked the opponent’s quarterback putting a stop to their drive.

The third quarter opened up with a very controversial touchdown as there was no penalty called for Ramsey’s facemask being pulled, putting the Bengals up 17-13. Shortly after, Stafford threw an interception off the hands of his receiver Skowronek. With six minutes left, after a failed trick play, the Rams kicked a field goal keeping them in the game 20-16.

The Rams were down by four points in the fourth Quarter 16-20. Stafford threw a no look pass in the minute 3:05, which is a very risky. Luckily, the one and and only Kupp caught it, and went for a first down and 22 total yards, setting up another seven yard catch. In the end, it was a touchdown catch in the final minute and 30 seconds of the game.

Come the last play of the game, Donald forced the Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow to throw an incomplete pass on fourth down, turning the ball over in the last 40 seconds to the Rams allowing them into victory formation. In essence he closed the game out for the Rams.