Boys soccer scores the Dodgeball Inferno championship title

By Jasmine Kim, Joy Hanna, and Melanie Ibanez

Boys soccer battled through four heated and vigorous rounds before taking home the trophy as the champions of Dodgeball Inferno. 

Eight players from many teams, such as dance, baseball, Model United Nations, and yearbook, competed to prove their skills and climb higher in the bracket. The teams were given five minutes in each round to take out all of the members of the opposing team or have the most players standing when the timer rang. 

The referees sat players down who were hit by the ball, called out those who held the ball for longer than 20 seconds, and allowed players to rotate and jump back in the game once one of the players caught a ball thrown by an opponent. 

Although the boys soccer team were the final winners of the night, the other teams achieved their own victories by reaching the finals.

The cheer team defeated the dance team and won the first round of Dodgeball Inferno.  The second round was between Pretty in Pink and City Boyz. Between flashes of pink and black, the City Boyz took out the last player standing from Pretty in Pink and moved up in the bracket. Pee Wee Football beat the ASBallers and signed their names on a white shirt to show their victory. 

The remaining rounds moved fast as Man I Love Frogs! defeated the Material Gorls; girls softball moved up and left the Lior Lipmen behind; boys soccer beat the Watermelon Mafias; the Diablos won against the Cross Country Cannons; and Headshotz Only took out Model UN. 

The dance team stole the show during half-time with their captivating and exciting performance. The performance sparked a lot more enthusiasm that lasted throughout the following rounds. The dancers who didn’t participate in the game were still able to enjoy the experience of Dodgeball Inferno and perform in front of the crowd. Although the dance team didn’t win, they showed their strength as a team. For the seniors, it was a heartwarming moment that would be remembered even after they graduate. 

“As a captain, at first I was pretty stressed and not sure if I could lead everyone. But I was hyped to support my team. At the end of the day it didn’t matter the outcome because my biggest goal was to be a role model. I want people to know that dance is more athletic than people think,” senior and captain of the dance team Kiara Coleman said.

The winners were given another chance to prove their skills in Dodgeball Inferno as they moved up in the bracket. The City Boyz defeated the cheer team, and PeeWee Football beat Man I Love Frogs!. This led the two winning teams to face each other in another round. When the timer rang, boys soccer had four players remaining while girls soccer had three players left in the game. As a result, boys soccer faced the Diablos, who beat Headshotz Only with four more players left in the game.

“It was really fun. There was a good amount of people in the audience. The balls were hard to throw, but when you hit someone it’s pretty satisfying,” junior Chase Bentley who played for City Boyz said.

In the semifinals, PeeWee Football had three players left in the game, whereas City Boyz had four, and boys soccer beat the Diablos.

Boys soccer faced the City Boyz in the finals, and to accelerate the game, the bounds were changed from the black lines to the white lines. The crowd cheered as the teams threw the balls at each other and also caught balls, which allowed players sitting down to jump back into the game. The game was intense as both teams showed their skills, but boys soccer followed their strong defensive strategy and became the champions of Dodgeball Inferno.

“The boys soccer team had to forfeit right before the championship, which was a bummer for the rest of the soccer season. But turning around and getting to win Dodgeball Inferno, we still had a positive end to our season as a soccer team. Especially for the seniors, our high school years playing soccer was worth it, “ senior Ewomazino Asidi from boys soccer said.