C.A.F.E. donates students’ leftover food to Hope of the Valley shelter

The presidents and founders of the CAFE club collect leftover food to donate to the Hope of the Valley shelter.

By Jasmine Kim

Leftover lunches, empty juice boxes, and seagulls swarming the quad basically concludes lunch. Every day after lunch, trash is left all over campus, whether on benches, in planters, or on the floor, giving way to seagulls flying in circles over the student spaces to scavenge for leftover food.

A new club, Conserve All Food Effectively (C.A.F.E.) not only provides a solution, but uses this issue as an opportunity to meet the needs of the community. 

C.A.F.E. was founded by two seniors, Jossline Frangoul and Zainab Ibrahim, to resolve the problem of excess food at Granada. Not only are the crusts of pizza slices and pieces of sandwiches left over, but food in perfectly fine condition goes to waste as well. 

“We noticed ourselves throwing away new food at the end of nutrition and lunch. Then I realized that all our peers were doing the same thing too. The feeling of guiltiness inspired us to find a solution and start the club because we realized that there is so much potential in helping others that need food with this small act,” Ibrahim said.

Fourteen pink bins have been placed around campus to encourage students to preserve food instead of throwing it out. Around ten members and volunteers collect all unopened food and fruit from the bins daily, which is then stored in a fridge by the cafeteria. At the end of each week, the food is delivered to Hope of the Valley, a nonprofit organization with the mission to prevent, reduce, and eliminate poverty, hunger, and homelessness. 

With this plan in action, the club has significantly lowered food waste on campus as around 350 food items are collected weekly.

“We donate this food, so we are giving back to the community and helping the ones in need. We believe that with every food item collected serves a great difference to whomever received it on the other end,” Ibrahim said.

As a new club, the founders struggled with raising awareness of their purpose and getting engagement from students. However, C.A.F.E. aims to partner up with more nonprofit organizations and expand to other schools nearby.