The prestige of your college shouldn’t matter

By Melica Mahmoudi

Many seniors will soon find themselves choosing their college. The infamous date of April 1 is when most private and out-of-state schools send their decisions to students. Decision day is often viewed as a life-changing decision as many have been working their entire adolescent lives in order to earn the acceptance of prestigious universities. 

However, as rejection is a possibility, it is important to note that you can only go to one college or university, and most opportunities will offer similar experiences. Although you may have been really stoked to get into a specific university whether it be due to their prestige, culture, or even the campus, there is much more to a school than just those initial key factors. 

Redirection is key when coming to terms with facing rejection. Afterall, not getting into your “dream” school doesn’t mean you won’t be just as successful somewhere else. Earning a degree that you have worked hard for and being able to have a successful resume is important for the future, not just the institution’s name.

Future freshmen should take into consideration where they will fit within the campus as a student. Will they thrive in their major? This is an essential part of the college experience. Rather than focusing on the prestige of a particular college, looking for specific opportunities that will help fulfill intellectual curiosity is key to making the most out of the college years.

Focusing just on the title and rank of the university will not fulfill your goals or determine your successes. Researching programs and comparing your needs with what the school offers is incredibly important in finding a true college match. Almost every university has a beautiful campus and has excellent weather, but does it have that one research opportunity you are looking for? That’s how you should narrow down your options in order to find yourself being successful through specific opportunities that you will have access to in that institution.

Most future college freshmen find themselves feeling discouraged after they have been denied admission into their dream school. These prestigious universities have extremely low acceptances because they simply do not have enough space in their school for every qualified applicant. However, they have repeatedly made it clear there are many students who have the right qualifications for the institution. There simply just are not enough spots. 

Almost every university will be able to offer you the courses and programs necessary to obtain your career goals. The name of the institution should not be the first important criteria on your list. Most importantly, do not determine your worth just based on the school you did not get into.

Finding yourself earning the acceptance to the school that matches your needs is going to be the primary motivating factor in determining your success. If you can see yourself on the campus, and find yourself experiencing opportunities that will fulfill your goals, then that school is right for you and will allow you to be the best version of yourself.