Film Club invited to set of working sitcom

The Film Club had the opportunity to join the set of the sitcom “House Out of Order.” Photo courtesy of Alexandria Ali.

By Melanie Ibanez

 Recently, the Film Club had the opportunity to be part of a very special project. Some club members were selected to be extras on the show “House Out of Order.” Actor and producer Baron Jay Littleton worked with club members to give them both behind the scenes and on-camera experiences. 

 Littleton invited Film Club members to visit the set in order to understand how the film and television industry works. He has served as a mentor to Film Club president and junior Alexandria Ali ever since she served as an intern for his production company Hidden Empire Film Group. This experience inspired her to start the club. 

“I started a film club knowing that I had prior experience in the industry and that it could be useful for other students,” Ali said.

She was able to invite anyone from the club that was interested to the set. They were able to explore areas including the dressing rooms, the breakroom, and the sets of course where they helped pass out beverages and food to the crew. 

Since the film crew was short on extras that day, Ali and other club members were given the opportunity to join the cast as extras. They had to act surprised and dramatic when someone was on the show. While filming they were given different clothes to make them appear older and fit into the scene. They had to trust the ideas of the costume lady for the best results. 

“This experience also showed me that extras are so important for a scene to fully come to life. If the extras are awkward or don’t react, the scene doesn’t feel natural,” senior Lillian Wood said.

During their time on set, Film Club members were able to grasp not only the acting aspect of the industry but also the cinematography aspect. They were shown what it was like to film a sitcom when many cameras are all shooting at the same time. 

 “Going to the set of ‘House Out of Order’ gave me a first-hand view of jobs in the film industry. Getting to help hands-on taught me just how close people on set can grow,” junior Miranda Cardenas said

This opportunity illustrated to Film Club members how important every aspect of filming a show or movie is. It all has to blend well for the final product to be great. This experience could possibly help them figure out what they would want to do in the future. There are so many opportunities in the film industry even if they don’t want to be actors.