Reeves’ Batman is the best of all

Photo courtesy of Felix Mooneeram via Unsplash

By Melica Mahmoudi

“The Batman” is a 3-hour long cinematic adventure that encapsulates the life of Bruce Wayne and his promise of safeguarding Gotham City. Casting Robert Pattinson as Batman and Zoey Kravitz as Catwoman was a power-move as these two brought new insight into the characters and their tumultuous romance. 

Although many are cynical of Batman films not directed by Christopher Nolan, Matt Reeves’ version wowed even comic book fans as the film was very true to the look of the comic books. Reeves is most known for his work in the “Planet of the Apes” trilogy as well as “Cloverfield.” And “The Batman” is definitely a Reeves film. It is dark and epic.

However, when comic fans heard that Reeves was planning on casting Pattinson, many were outright skeptical. Pattinson is most known for his roles in teen movies such as “Twilight” and “Harry Potter,” so fans didn’t believe he would have the gravitas to play such a dark character. 

However, Pattinson never failed to impress. He is the perfect match to play the character and embodies Bruce Wayne’s character better than any other previous actor cast as Batman. His grimace, makeup, and acting are perfectly done, matching the character in a way that is jaw-dropping to the audience, and never before seen. This Batman is less rich playboy and more aloof and disillusioned. Pattinson captures this more unsettling Batman perfectly.

Bruce Wayne’s sad backstory is a major plot point in this version of the Batman saga. However, unlike the 2005 version, it is not through the entire movie. This allows for the film to have a strong focus on his desire to save Gotham from the evil that is destroying the city and not just on his childhood trauma. Reeves turns the superhero flick into a gritty crime drama, which is very fitting for the brooding caped crusader. 

Kravitz jumps right into that chemistry as she is a match for Batman in every way. She’s not coy; she’s a fighter. Kravitz, as she has in all her roles, has a quiet nature about her that makes her that much more intimidating.

Even the soundtrack breaks with audience expectations. Michael Giacchino, who is most known for his lighthearted work with Pixar, changes tactics completely and booms his way through each scene to make the audience feel it. 

The experience is unlike any other. And although the movie is 3 incredible hours long, many fans believe that it felt like 5 minutes, desiring to see it again for the first time.