Prom flew seniors to the moon

Photo courtesy of GHC Instagram

By Erick Joven

The 2022 prom was a huge success, especially as it was the first prom since 2019. Although formal dresses, tuxedo rentals, hair and makeup, corsages and boutonnieres all add up to a large sum of money on top of the ticket itself, most seniors were satisfied with the experience.

The theme for this year’s prom, Fly Me To The Moon, fit the classy atmosphere of the California Science Center. As soon as students departed the bus, they were greeted by large pillars with the glowing letters. After ascending the stairs to the museum, students were greeted with a red carpet to enter the prom. 

The jets and spaceships decorating the high ceilings matched the theme very nicely. Escalators to the right led up to the second floor and then a third beyond that. The first floor held a large variety of food including salads, pastas, sides, and chicken. 

DJ Lil G Music, otherwise known as Gerrad O’Brien, an GHC alum, had crowds dancing all night with music from Pitbull, as well as crowd favorites like “The Cupid Shuffle” and “Payaso de Rodeo.”

To the left and right of the DJ, there were tables and chairs, especially helpful for the female seniors wearing heels all night. 

Students enjoyed the photo booth which boasted long lines throughout the night. 

Students were allowed outside the venue as well. This outside section had more food, including snacks such as cookies and brownies. There was also a karaoke bar where students were able to show off their singing skills.

The second floor had more food and drinks and a great view of the dance floor. There was also an area for games such as blackjack, where students could bet with chips, though there was no actual money involved. 

As the California Science Museum is an educational experience, students could also view some of the exhibits such as the exhibit on the beginning of life, an area which illustrates the science behind how babies are formed. Students could also experience the famed hurricane simulator many seniors remembered from elementary school field trips. 

The third floor overlooked the event in its full form and took seniors to a room that taught about the science of fire and firefighting. 

The venue itself made prom a huge success with so many different places to go and different experiences. However, what really made it memorable was celebrating senior year with one’s peers and taking pictures of all the memories. Seniors are extremely grateful to have experienced a traditional prom after the years of Covid.