Alumni Spotlight: Nicole Stetter

Photo courtesy of Nicole Stetter

Nicole Stetter graduated from GHC in 2006. During her time on our campus she was the JV cheer captain as well as an active writer for the digital magazine called The Bagpipe. She’s taken the interpersonal and creative skills she learned at GHC to work at a top entertainment advertising agency which works to make content for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more. 

What is your favorite memory of high school? 

My favorite memory would be riding the bus home after winning an away game, both the basketball team and cheer team singing loudly to celebrate. I remember us all singing an Outkast song. 

Who was your favorite teacher or staff member? Why?

One of my favorite teachers was definitely Mr. Robertshaw because he taught us about history and government in a fun and engaging way. Oh, and we watched “National Treasure” featuring Nic Cage which is an objectively great film. 

Did you go to college? Where? What did you study?

I studied Psychology at a for-profit online university which I do not recommend. However I did meet some great people and had some enriching classes. I have since become an avid supporter of Cal State Universities and recommend those schools to my kids! Using a psychology degree in my marketing career has been useful. 

What is your current job? And how do you feel about it?

I’m the Director of Engagement Strategy at a marketing agency in Hollywood and I love it. I lead a team that researches audience reactions. We then communicate with and help create content for entertainment fans. I feel very lucky to make fun content to promote movies and TV series I love. Sometimes social media can be a stressful place and since I work so much with social media, I definitely need to carve out time to take breaks. 

How have the skills (academic or social) that you learned in high school helped you as an adult?

All the extra curricular activities I did such as cheerleading and the online magazine helped me to be personable. They also helped me to celebrate the school’s community, and be a strong editorial writer. Those traits help me excel at my creative career. At the time it felt very busy and tiring, but I’m so glad I took on those activities. 

Do you have any advice for current high school students?

Be nice. I remember how important it felt at the time to “be cool.” Wow that was off. Being nice is the coolest thing anyone can do. Remember that you have no idea what people are going through. We all see the world differently and that makes for a beautiful, diverse humanity. Celebrate those differences. 

Photo courtesy of Nicole Stetter

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper