22-23 ASB cabinet is ready for the job

By Angelina Herrera

The Associated Student Body (ASB) is a high school program that consists of planning many school-wide events like pep rallies and spirit week. Each school year, ASB introduces a new cabinet of students that will represent the student body as officers in ASB. 

ASB officers hold the following titles: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and historian. Each of these positions has different responsibilities within the organization whether leading the various committees, organizing funds, or planning and documenting events.

 The 2022-2023 ASB cabinet was elected by the student body earlier in the spring semester. Students voted on their Chromebooks for the ASB members they wish to represent them the next year. Before that point, ASB members submitted an application and interviewed with the ASB admissions committee. Then the rest of the school voted on the approved candidates. 

Next year’s president will be Illiana Acevado. Acevado will be assisted by Vice President Ethan Tran, Secretary Adrian Martinez, Treasurer Kaisley Moreno, and Historian Juliana Battaglia. 

As President of ASB, Acevado will oversee the entire ASB class with the assistance of advisor Kristin Whitman. Acevado will run class meetings and oversee school-wide events like the student vs. staff basketball game and prom. 

“I loved how laid back the student vs. staff basketball game was, and how it brought everyone in the school together. The environment was so fun, and people seemed to really like the event,” Acevado said.

Acevado will use this environment as the inspiration for her own tenure as president.

 As vice president, Tran, will oversee the ASB committees and enforce ASB codes and obligations. 

One of Tran’s favorite ASB events so far was the fall semester’s spirit week. As a member of ASB, Tran was able to set-up the pep-rally equipment and delegate jobs during the lunch period. He will use those delegation abilities as vice president. 

“Seeing the abundant school spirit shown through the high participation was really satisfying considering how much work the spirit week co-chairs put in,”  Tran said. 

As secretary, Martinez will take on the responsibility of keeping everything organized and documented throughout the school year. Martinez will also make any slide presentations for ASB to look back on for reference. 

One of Martinez’s favorite school events so far has been the winter formal. Martinez was in charge of who was going to be a part of the formal court as royalty for the dance. 

“I love to dance and sing, but most of all I love being around my friends and the people I love. So the night was really meaningful for me, especially as someone who helped make it happen” Martinez said. 

Moreno will have the responsibility of overseeing all of the student body financial transactions as treasurer.

Moreno is already accustomed to big responsibilities as she was in charge of planning spirit week this year. 

“Although spirit week was stressful to plan, it was all worth it in the end seeing people enjoying the theme and participating was very rewarding,” Moreno said. 

As historian, Battaglia will take on the responsibility of being in charge of taking any pictures of the student body and recording those memories being made. Battaglia is also in charge of running all of the ASB social media accounts. 

As historian, one of Battaglia’s jobs is to capture moments of joy. One of her favorite joyful moments this year was the student vs. staff basketball game. 

 “ It was extremely fun to go watch a basketball game with so many people from the school there. It was cool to see my fellow classmates, friends, and teachers playing. It was one of the few events we were able to have this year so I really enjoyed it,” Battaglia said. 

Every cabinet member will have great opportunities to use both their interpersonal and organizational skills to keep the student body happy with meaningful events. Each of them have worked so hard through the process of being involved with ASB and as well getting the position of being a part of the ASB cabinet. They will continue to work hard to make sure the student body has a voice on campus.