Preparation makes moving away from home easier

Photo courtesy of Michal Balog, via Unsplash

By Melica Mahmoudi

Now that college decisions have been made, many seniors are ready to start the newest chapter of their lives. For some students, this means moving away from home for the first time.

No matter what school you’ve committed to, whether close to home or on the other side of the country, the journey of earning independence awaits with new possibilities. The college experience is new for all of us and allows us to reimagine our lives with responsibility, finally being on our own. 

Living on our own will be something new for all of us incoming undergraduate students, so it is important to start practicing doing everyday tasks on your own like buying groceries, driving around, etc.

Practice how to take care of yourself with no parental supervision. Learn how to cook basic meals, do laundry, etc. These tasks may sound quite simple, but it is important to ensure that you have mastered each and every one. 

Once future college freshmen begin to realize how much they will need to do on their own, the process of leaving actually hits. With this responsibility comes lots and lots of planning. 

One of the first things to do in order to get ready for the big moving day is making sure we know what we need to take. Although it is important to not leave anything important behind like a computer, it is also crucial to pack for emergencies as well. 

You will no longer be in the care of your parents, and this means you need to be the one in charge and plan ahead of time. Now is a great time to pack a list of emergency medicine and other health care items. Make sure you have a flashlight and bandages. 

Another important tip is to start dorm-shopping early. According to the Education Data Initiative, there are almost 16 million students enrolling in college each fall. That’s a lot of people buying dorm supplies, even if not all of them move away from home. Also, the longer you wait, the prices go up, and the more popular items get sold out. Simply put, it is not worth waiting to get ready. If you have some free time, simply plan a few things you want to collect for your dorm and start shopping, whether that be for appliances, mattress toppers, or even room decorations.

Preparing to leave home is something that is definitely not easy. Entering adulthood can be a rough transition, but with a smooth planning process, the move will be much more seamless.

We have all worked so hard and earned each and every admission. This decision is something that we should celebrate with our loved ones, and prepare to spend this new chapter without stress.