Science teacher Jessica Kim honored with “Heroes in Education” Award

By Kimberley Perez

Science teacher Jessica Kim won the Heroes in Education Award, given by the North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce. Students and their parents nominated Kim for this award due to her exceptional passion for teaching and love for her students. 

It is always shocking for the winner of this award as they are not notified that they were even nominated unless they win. This award shows that the dedication teachers put in every day is conveyed to students even when the teacher is unaware.

“I am so very grateful to whomever nominated me. I didn’t even know until the day I found out I had received the award,’’ Kim said.

Students had many reasons to nominate Kim.

“From a person who doesn’t like chemistry and struggles with chemistry, Ms. Kim makes the class easy and enjoyable. She will help you with a smile on her face,” freshman Levon Ipchyan said.  

There are many things that can make a teacher stand out, and loving what they teach will help not only the teacher but also the students. They are able to see that excitement from the teacher and acknowledge the hard work they are putting in and do the same. 

“I love it when science becomes real, and not just something studied in the classroom,”  Kim said.

The way she wants her students to learn through experiences more than from a textbook shows her consideration so every student can have a chance to enjoy learning science.

 “My favorite moments are when students are able to apply their knowledge and explain what’s happening in the world around them by using concepts they learned in chemistry,” Kim said.

The gratification from students’ success is what makes teachers so special and deserving of an award. Even with this incredible award, Kim makes sure to appreciate what she’s learned from other teachers in her field. 

“I was very surprised when I found out I had won.  There are so many knowledgeable and dedicated teachers here at Granada and everywhere, and I felt moved to be recognized as one of them,” Kim said.

Kim always makes sure to stay humble and recognize the skills she was able to gain from other teachers. 

“As a teacher, you’re constantly sharing resources and collaborating. Working with other teachers and learning from them has helped make me into the teacher I am today,” Kim said.

This is a wonderful award that acknowledges teachers’ hard work and dedication to their jobs. This award is important as teachers do so much for students to get the best education possible.