The ultimate list of beach reads

By Divine Hanna

Summer is only a few short days away, and it is the perfect opportunity to unplug! There is nothing quite as relaxing as reading a book while laying in the warm sand with the breeze in your hair under a sunshine-filled sky. It is finally time to catch up on some long overdue leisure reading. From a romance novel that’ll have you smitten to a thrilling sci-fi book, there is a topic for every person to enjoy. If you are ready to escape reality and dig your nose deep into the pages of a book this summer, this is the list for you.

Beach Read” by Emily Henry (2020)

There’s a reason people say opposites attract, right? When two rival authors with completely opposite styles of writing live in neighboring beach houses, they are forced to see each other daily. One afternoon, they form a challenge to get them outside of their comfort zones. As they write on these unfamiliar topics, a bond forms. In this slow-burn romance novel, you’ll find yourself laughing, crying, and smiling with every flip of the page.

“The Summer I Turned Pretty” by Jenny Han (2009)

Just like the rest of us, Isabel “Belly” Conklin impatiently waits for the arrival of summer, and dreads its departure every year. In the town of Cousins, Belly has her annual reunion with her all-time favorite people. The particular summer that she imagined to be wonderful is the complete opposite when everyone starts acting differently around each other. This intriguing trilogy will have you on your toes.

The Guest List” by Lucy Foley (2020)

If you’re a fan of murder mysteries, this book is for you. The ceremony many have been waiting for, the wedding of a rising actor and a driven magazine publisher, takes place on an Irish island. From the fabulous dress to the lavish favors, this wedding is the event of the season. Just as the traditional festivities begin, the celebration takes a turn for the worst when a murder is discovered in their remote venue.

“Malibu Rising” by Taylor Jenkins Reid (2021)

Vogue called this summer-in-a-book a “delicious drama,” and that it is. It’s the 1980s and the four famed Riva kids’ summer bash is highly anticipated by friends citywide. However, emotions are mixed when each Riva has a different desired outcome for the party. When everything comes crashing down like waves on a beach at this unforgettable event, each sibling must make tough decisions.

“Project Hail Mary” by Andy Weir (2021)

As he awakes from a coma, Ryland Grace finds himself alone in space. Troubled with amnesia, he faces the fact that he must save the world with no knowledge of even his name, nevermind how to complete this mission. His desperate attempt to rescue humanity slowly rises as he remembers he’s a science teacher aboard the Hail Mary. Filled with plot-twists and nail-biting scenes, this sci-fi book will fill you with excitement.