GHC hosts successful first back-to-school night since pandemic

By Divine Hanna

From club-led booths to student performances, the first in-person Back-to-School Night since the pandemic took place on Thursday, September 8. There was a large turnout of both students and parents. 

Due to high rates in COVID-19 cases and social distancing mandates, Back-to-School Night was offered on Zoom for the past two school years. The virtual event saw smaller numbers and less enthusiasm. On Zoom, it was a challenge to demonstrate school spirit and true interactions between parents, students, and teachers. This year’s event made up for lost time, however, welcoming the community to the spirit of student-life at Granada Hills Charter (GHC).

Parents had the opportunity to experience the students’ travels from class to class on campus. They met with teachers and learned more about the classroom environment and curriculum. 

Performances from the dance team, choir, and marching band began at 5:30 p.m. prior to the scheduled teacher presentations for each period. Families and students were able to watch and enjoy just a few of the arts offered at GHC.

The majority of the enthusiasm came from some of the clubs and student councils, including DECA, Black Student Union, Science Team, and Robodox. These clubs and teams hosted booths that sold various food to fundraise for their activities. 

The Junior State of America sold various drinks in order to fundraise for future conventions. 

“The money is being used to pay for everyone’s convention fees. Instead of having everyone pay $150 out of pocket for each convention, we get to use the money we raised towards that so that people who have trouble paying for the convention can actually attend without worrying about the cost,” senior Mona Tazhibi said. 

Families and students were able to interact with the club officers and students in charge of these clubs, and showed support by purchasing the goods offered. From cinnamon rolls to homemade iced coffee to pizza, there was a plethora of food options available. There were even fun games offered, such as spinning a prize wheel at the choir booth.

The main focus of the night, however, was for parents to meet teachers and learn about their programs. Many teachers greeted parents at the door before presenting their expectations and curriculum. Most of what could be seen walking past classrooms, however, were individual conversations between parents and teachers.