On campus senior events would cut down costs

By Jane Hanna

Especially after the pandemic, seniors begin their final school year thrilled by the idea of all the senior activities available to them. Wearing senior attire, going on senior trips, and attending prom are just some of the many experiences offered to students. Although these events seem exhilarating, they do come at a price; literally. 

Many students are willing to pay the price for the experience however.

“Yes, buying into the senior experience, whether that is merchandise or tickets, is worth it because it offers a once in a lifetime experience. By purchasing and going to these events, students gain great memories that they will remember forever,” senior Rose Bastawrous said.

Prices for senior opportunities have risen, and despite the fact that memorable moments can be made, it is not worth the price as students can easily experience most of these opportunities outside of school without the price tag. 

It should be obvious that the school and the associated student body (ASB) are not to blame for the cost. As the prices from vendors are increasing, the school is left with no choice but to increase its prices as well. 

“As far as Grad Nite, that is run through the PTSA, so that price is determined basically with Disneyland. Disneyland raised their prices last year, so then the PTSA was forced to raise their prices. They have to get charter buses, and with the price of gas going up, those charter buses are probably a little more expensive than they have been in the past,” Student Store Manager Mayra Alapizco said.

Even for something like Homecoming that is on campus, there are costs to consider such as security and electricity.

“I get why the prices are so high these days, but at the same time the school should at least make it a little easier and cheaper on the students so everyone can enjoy their last year of high school,” senior David Emil said.

This year’s activities do not have set prices yet, but we can imagine they will be more than last year. For example, in previous years, prom tickets were around $130- $150, but are expected to increase as a consequence of prices for food, transportation, and other expenses rising as well. 

“The prices are unfair as many students are incapable of paying. The school should be more sympathetic towards the students and provide them with the most cost efficient opportunities” senior Samantha Elia said. 

One way to cut down on these costs is to plan these senior events on campus, rather than taking the students somewhere else. This way, students who wouldn’t be able to afford such high costs will have the opportunity to experience the same as their peers without having any fear of missing out. Not only so, but the school can use the extra money for other opportunities to create a better social experience for students. 

Even though senior activities come with great memories, the cost of each event and merchandise is not a sacrifice many are willing to make. Not only are the prices extensive, but it is unfair to those students who are unable to afford them.