Volleyball program is primed for success

By Mateo Menjivar and Arlene Sanchez

The Granada Hills Charter girls volleyball program is always one to watch. With three teams of amazing athletes, frosh/soph, junior varsity, and varsity, these girls are ready to crush their competition this season. 

All of the girls have drive and motivation this year which creates strong bonds and great teamwork from all. Whether a setter, libero, spiker, or blocker, the girls are more than ready to take on their biggest rivals and win the championship.

“I am ready to crush my competition,” sophomore Jasmine Green said. “We have a great team this year, so we’re ready,” 

The frosh/soph team is energetic and excited, as we come to expect from athletes on their first high school team. They came to win this season. 

Sophomore Savannah Vazquez sees all her opponents as rivals, rather than one specific team. She is ready to win no matter what.

“I definitely rethink my plays every game. I always think, ‘how could I have made that play better? How could I get my feet there faster?’ You can always improve no matter how perfect you think a play is,” Vazquez said.

The JV team is also ready to go all the way. 

Sophomore Lyla Tassio especially loves the fast pace in volleyball. JV offers players with a little more experience which adds to the excitement of the game.

“I love getting kills in volleyball when we play,” Tassio said. “When the opponent is not able to return the ball because you hit it so well, it makes you feel that much more amazing.”

The varsity team has a support system that is indicative of players that are experienced and have played together for years.

“Volleyball offers many opportunities to meet new people,” senior Mason Kelly said. “But the team also becomes like a family once we have played together and get to know each other’s styles.”

Being the captain of the varsity team Kelly knows how to handle plays during a match and helps her team work together. Especially as a setter she is in a good place to work with every person on the court. Kelly sees her job as captain to help her team both during matches and practice. 

“I love having a connection when playing with my team, especially when we succeed and can celebrate together,” sophomore Veronica Bellodas said.

All three teams are loud on the sidelines cheering each other on while the match is happening. That shows their bond and dedication to each other.

Varsity Coach Thomas Harp is a former volleyball player himself and brings his knowledge of the game as both player and coach. Harp motivates the team in practice by teaching and mentoring them. He believes that the GHC girls volleyball team has a good foundation of players. 

“After matches you find your weakness and at practice, you try to improve when you did not do well with previous match,” Harp said.

The girls are off to a good start this season. They have big shoes to fill to keep up with last year’s varsity team who ended league play with a 9-1 record, but are working well to achieve the same success.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper