Here are the Plaid Press’ best listens for the fall season

Photo courtesy of C-D-X, via Unsplash

By Isabel Hicks and Danica Rivera

With sweater weather on the horizon, warm-toned leaves, and cozy festivities are just around the corner. Here are our best fall music picks for enjoying the much anticipated refreshing weather this fall. 

“Cinnamon Girl” by Lana Del Rey

What would fall be without Lana Del Rey? With her cinematic style and melancholic ballads, Lana Del Rey will surely be your best friend this season as the days get shorter and your outfits grow heavier. 

“Cinnamon Girl” is the ultimate fall song for late night studying and reading by candlelight. With just the opening line and melodic intro alone, Lana curates the perfect sentimental fall energy we’re all looking to feel this season. 

“The Blonde” by TV Girl

If you have a tendency to romanticize every aspect of your life, this song is just for you. “The Blonde” perfectly sets the autumn tone with its soft melody and romantic vocals, perfect for spacing out during long car rides or pretending to do homework. 

TV Girl’s album “French Exit,” which is one of the most autumn album out there, is full of songs just like “The Blonde.” Each song has you feeling like you’re floating in a different world, taking you far away from the mundane routine of your day to day life and transporting you to the magical realm of old hollywood and pinterest girls. 

“Jupiter” by Flower Face

“Jupiter” perfectly describes what it feels like to fall in love during the fall season, an experience full of butterflies and that warm nostalgic feeling of the holidays. With lyrics like “overwhelming ecstasy / your name repeated endlessly / ice cream by the movie screens,” you’ll be starry-eyed and ready to start your romantic era this fall. Flower Face’s heavenly voice will absolutely capture your heart one lyric at a time. 

“Pretty Boy” by The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood is the essential sweater weather artist, and “Pretty Boy” perfectly captures the warmth and romance of autumn that makes the season so special. Best listened to while looking out your car window in the rain, “Pretty Boy” and every other song off “Chip Chrome & the Mono-Tones will define you this season. Leave it up to The Neighborhood to leave you in pieces over their lyrics, and then mend you back together with another song. 

“The Archer” by Alexandra Savior

Guaranteed to make it in your repeats this season, “The Archer” will have you utterly enamored with the liveness of autumn. Alexandra Savior’s music has been described as “a heart-break fantasy that hypnotizes you into floating along on her fresh journey” by Totally Wired Magazine and this rings particularly true for “The Archer.” Made to be listened to with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee in your hand, “The Archer” is positively one of the best songs to set the mood for this sweater weather season. 

“Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer

To describe the song “Kiss Me,” would be the same thing as describing that pure and enchanting moment when your first kiss is about to happen. The song begins with the raw strums from an acoustic guitar, paired with the clean tones of the drum cymbals, really providing that cozy and warm feeling inside. This remarkable 90s rom-com theme song certainly encapsulates the infamous teenage romance storyline that is perfect to visualize for a possible fall time romance. 

“Sweet” by Cigarettes After Sex

Other than the sweet food items that are offered in fall, Cigarettes After Sex’s “Sweet” is what we’re offering you to listen to during this amber season. The fall season isn’t only known for its colorful leaves and calming ambience, but also its early hours of darkness and shivery temperatures. Cigarettes After Sex is known for beginning its songs with melodious and melancholic rhythms and “Sweet” sublimely emits that gloomy vibe for those dark autumn nights. 

“All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift

Not only is “All Too Well” our generation’s definitive break-up anthem but also the definitive song for the fall time. As Swift tells the story of a past relationship of hers through this track, the season of autumn is intertwined within the lyrics, from leaving her scarf at her ex-boyfriend’s sister’s place to the leaves falling down from the trees. This song entirely gives off that warm fall atmosphere with its acoustic strums. It is the perfect track to listen to in case you left your red scarf in some place. 

Author: Plaid Press

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