Latest fashion trends

By Mateo Menjivar and Arlene Sanchez

The latest fashion trends have been heavily influenced by the past, although with a modern twist. Whether it’s pleated skirts of the 80s or baggy pants of the 90s, older trends have made a comeback especially with high school students. 

“I’m starting to see people’s personal styles more, students are breaking away from dressing just like their friends and aren’t caught up in being judged anymore. It’s so cool,” senior Chloe Grigorian, president of the Fashion Club, said.

Here are some of the most popular trends on campus:

Graphics by Mateo Menjivar

Trend #1: Color Coordinated

Students following this trend show that wearing one color is better than two. To follow this trend, wear the same color shirt and pants. Bonus points if you tie an accessory. 

Trend #2: Cargos pants

Cargo pants with their baggy nature and multitudinous pockets are stylish and go with almost anything you can imagine. No longer just for dads, students are bringing it back to the 90s with these fashionable pants.

Trend #3:  Crop tops

Popular in the 2000s, the crop top can be worn in a variety of ways, whether dressed or dressed down. Although not allowed on campus because of the dress code, many GHC students sport a crop top off campus.

 Trend #4: Doc Martins and Birkenstocks

Older fashions are not limited to clothing, students’ feet are in the game too. Courtesy of some 90s grunge, Doc Martins are back in a variety of colors. On the other end of the spectrum, the more hippie Birkenstock sandals are also back in style.

Trend #5: Pajama pants
This trend of wearing pajama pants may have grown out of the pandemic where students attended class in their bedrooms. Now multiple people are wearing pajama pants in a way that is still trendy and stylish.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper