Blooming Buddies Garden Club seeks to create appreciation for the environment

By Tomas Palmieri

At the September 16 Club Rush, a new club by the name of Blooming Buddies Garden Club (BBGC), had about 100 students sign-up to join and over 40 students attend their first meeting last week. The club’s goal is to help students sprout an appreciation for plants, the environment, and the planet. 

The Blooming Buddies are excited to introduce a gardening club to the school that will educate members on important gardening concepts while beautifying the campus at the same time. The club also aims to inform its members about the relationship between agriculture and climate change in order to create a more environmentally aware population of young adults.

“I’m very passionate about the planet and climate change. I believe agriculture has a large part in our changing climate, and I think that if everyone cultivates their own food and plays their own small individual part it can lead to a bigger change,” senior and president of BBGC Tyler Tutak said.

The club’s first project is to clean out and paint the unused greenhouse near the agricultural building in order to create a proper environment for seed germination. Once the seeds have completed the process of germination and sprouted, they plan to transplant the seeds into garden beds that the club is currently working to construct in the near future behind the greenhouse. 

The Blooming Buddies have a friendly leadership team that consists of four members who are all very passionate about gardening and the Earth around them. President Tyler Tutak loves flowers and wishes to study botany in college. Vice President and senior Miranda Cardenas enjoys taking photos and creating paintings of flowers. Secretary and junior Douglas Vermeer loves to observe nature and would like to create his own garden for cooking. Treasurer and senior Kailyn Chough wants to create a sustainable garden that will provide access to herbs and fruits for cooking. 

“I’ve gone to some meetings for my community garden and they are very fun. I like having a community that can come together and make something that is living and tangible,” Tutak said.

The new gardening club even features a “plant of the week” in which they do a deep dive on a specific plant providing information to the club’s members about said specific flora, herb, vegetable, etc.

BBGC will grow together to make a positive impact on the environment around them while also always making sure to always have fun. Their meetings are every Wednesday after school at the grassy area by the Z building from 3:30-4:30 p.m. So make sure to stop by if you are interested.