BEE the Hope provides community involvement

By Mariyah Ramirez

BEE the Hope is a club run by seniors Erin Ramos and Dylan Tang. The club goal of the club is to actively encourage students to get involved in their communities.

The club was originally founded to fill a need for students struggling to find ways to get involved in their communities.

The members of BEE the Hope see themselves as a strong family that encourages students to meet other open-minded people and contribute to those in need. 

 “Our club places a heavy emphasis on collaboration and creating an environment where anyone can build new friendships and bonds,” Ramos, president of BEE the Hope, said.

They host many events to contribute positively to our local community. 

The most successful event that they host annually is a sandwich-making event. More than 100 students from Granada Hills Charter and other schools around the San Fernando Valley joined them to make sandwiches for homeless people this year. With everyone’s effort, there were over 700 packaged sandwich lunches that were later distributed to the homeless people throughout Los Angeles County.

Other events they host include “Kardz 4 Kidz” and a shoes and socks drive. Their card drive seeks to provide uplifting messages to children in the hospital. Their shoes and socks drive seeks to help homeless people in the area. 

BEE the Hope seeks to help many different groups in our community beyond homeless people including refugees, foster children, and the elderly. Through helping many diverse groups, the club seeks to fulfill their slogan: “Think globally, act logically.”

Volunteers take small steps to better their community that contributes to the collective greater good of humanity.

“BEE the Hope is a beneficial club. You can get volunteer hours while having a lot of fun at events. They aren’t boring and it’s a good chance to make friends,” freshmen Mannet Kaur said.

BEE the Hope will continue to grow as a club and collect more bees to do their part in the community. Their meetings are every Tuesday at lunch in Rawley Hall. So, feel free to stop by and join the welcoming club.