Baseball earned dodgeball victory 

By Acaila Eastman and Mateo Menjivar

On November 3, the gym lit up with staff and students alike, all there to see the much hyped dodgeball competition called Dodgeball Inferno. The teams were eager to show off their skills and had hopes to take home the dodgeball belt at the end of the match.

The baseball team earned a smashing victory by using their precise curveball throws against basketball players to win the tournament in the final match. They also won the first ever dodge ball champion belt.

“Dodgeball Inferno was fun to watch, though there was less audience hype than other games. Regardless it was a fun experience,” senior Stephanie Dominquez said.  

Dodgeball Inferno is an Associated Student Body (ASB) event which allows students to create teams, whether that be a club, team, or group of friends. These teams competed against each other for bragging rights as well as the winner’s belt. 

Teams can consist of up to 12 players, though only 10 can be on the court during play. In each round the teams began the match by touching the walls on opposite sides of the court, ready to run to the middle where the dodgeballs rested, and then throw the dodgeballs at the opposing team. 

Of course a classic part of dodgeball is the “trashtalk” and heated calls meant to try to throw the opposite team off their game. This was particularly entertaining for the audience.

If a player on the opposing team is hit with a ball without touching the ground they are out, except if they are hit in the head with a ball, but they can come back when one of their teammates catches a ball from the ball when it did not hit the ground. The round ends either when all members of a team are out or when five minutes has elapsed. Then the team with the most people still in the game wins. 

Some of the teams who entered the Dodgeball Inferno tournament were boys basketball, baseball, softball, cheer, dance, yearbook, ASB, and more. 

“I was definitely super hyped for the dodgeball game especially since we are the baseball team. We had a lot of pressure going into the game which made it extremely rewarding when we won,” senior Miles Ortiz said. 

Each team put up a good fight, most of the time running out the clock because each player gave it their all. 

It was a heated battle between baseball and basketball at the end of the competition, however. It was a tight match and the audience could not really tell who would be the winner until the very end. But as time ran low and dodgeballs racked up, baseball stood victorious against Basketball with just a few more players than Basketball had.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper