Varsity football senior night thrills crowds

By Acaila Eastman and Jane Hanna

A chorus of cheers sounded throughout the football field, rowdy teenagers excited for their GHC Highlanders scoring another touchdown. The Friday night lights were shining a bright spotlight on the Highlanders as they came in for time out. The team was excited, pumping each other up as they made their way over to the sidelines, smiling giddily at their coaches who patted their backs and helmets as a form of congratulations for their exceptional plays.

Though the Highlanders led by a significant amount and the other team had no way to come back, the team was excited to give their all to the last few minutes on the field. 

Senior boys gave their underclassmen teammates words of encouragement to keep them going on the field, being sure to remain a good influence to their younger peers. In doing so, the seniors also teach the younger players to do the same when the time comes.

When their time out came to an end, the Highlanders resumed their cheers as they sprinted onto the field, more than ready to dominate the opposing team once more. A fire flamed in their hearts and bumped their spirits up to higher levels. Along with the crowd in the background and their previous encouraging words, the Highlanders readied themselves for gaining another win that would help them reach their goal of being in the number one seat before playoffs. 

On October 27 the GHC football team had their Senior Night game against El Camino Real Charter High School, ending the game with a victory of 44 to 15. GHC dominated the game with a score of 22-7 at halftime. 

There was an injury during the first half of the game in which senior Phyllip Hamburg-Martinez injured his knee due to one of the El Camino players falling onto his leg. Nevertheless, he pushed through and was able to continue playing until the end of the game. 

Similarly, senior Joseph Plazola had a previously injured knee and had surgery during the last season. After his recovery he rejoined the team this season and has put as much effort as possible to help his team on the field.

Students in the crowd dressed up in floral clothing and flip flops for the beach-themed game, showing their school spirit. Although many people shivered from the cold, the cheering never ceased. This was GHC’s final season game, and it did not disappoint. 

“This game was a really good send off for the seniors,” defensive back player and senior  Chancellor Crawford said. 

GHC seniors were given much appreciation as they were able to walk down the field with their families. The celebration recognized seniors from the football team, the cheer and dance teams, and the marching band, emphasizing their time and effort put into their teams and the school. 

Over the course of the past couple seasons, the football team has created a strong unbreakable bond both on and off the field. They have also made good connections with their coaches as they spent much time with them during games and practices. 

Due to their win at this Senior Night game, they were able to continue playing in the playoffs/semi finals. They won the first and second games of the playoffs and will play their third game this Friday, November 18 against Cleveland High School. 

“The energy was good and that’s what matters most,” senior Bobby McCray said.

As the seniors leave GHC in less than a year, they leave their younger teammates with their inspirational advice and valuable thoughts.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper