Brandon Serpas serves up volleyball leadership

By Divine Hanna and Jasmine Kim

Senior Brandon Serpas’ has devoted a large portion of his life to volleyball, playing on both the school team and a club team. As a full-time student with a packed schedule, including taking advanced placement (AP) classes, Serpas has had to learn to balance his life as a student athlete.

“It can get hectic sometimes, especially when I am in club season. I practice about 30 minutes away and am there for two hours. Then it’s 30 minutes back home. It is pretty time consuming. That, on top of school, practice, and all my AP classes, it can get pretty busy. It’s manageable though,” Serpas said.

Serpas is this years’ varsity team captain, and with that comes much responsibility. His devotion to the sport is visible to his fellow teammates, who have noticed Serpas’ endless passion and motivation for the team. Whether it be getting the team to communicate during practice or lifting their spirits after a missed shot, Serpas exceptionally models leadership to his team.

“Brandon is everything we look for in a team captain because he is very motivated not just toward himself, but also toward the team as a whole. When Brandon gets down, the whole team gets down. I feel like with that type of mentality, it’s really good that he always brings positive energy to the team because he helps us want to achieve and reach our full potential,” senior Spencer Quarles said.

In all sports, it is extremely easy to fall behind and let the previous play affect the effort put in throughout the entire game. However, Serpas takes the initiative to keep the court a positive place for his teammates. Even if the team doesn’t win, his greatest priority is making sure the team is cohesive as a whole and play together to the best of their ability.

“When you play volleyball, it is really easy to let your mistake in your last play continue to snowball in a negative spiral. As the team captain, you just kind of have to remind your team that the last point is independent from the next and you just have to play the next point like it’s a completely new match,” Serpas said.

The school’s volleyball team is grateful and fortunate to have Serpas on their team, often describing him as the glue that holds the team together.

“Brandon is impactful on and off the court. Volleyball is a team sport and you need someone to guide the team, and in our case, that’s Brandon. He’s able to positively control the team and push us forward to do our best,” senior Adarsh Mattappally said.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper