Winter fashion emphasize warmth and comfort

By Nancy Azzam

Winter is approaching in California, at least somewhat. Temperatures that were in the 100s not that long ago are now into the 60s and 70s. In the next few months, we will have our usual winter weather of high winds and a few days of rain.

With the weather changing as we enter the chillier months of December, fashion changes with it.

While those across the country may mock us, it is finally our time to bundle up. What does that look like in a state where winter is still relatively comfortable?

One big trend that has really taken over fashion this year is our favorite warm and comfy shoes, Uggs. Whether they are boots or slippers, these shoes were the hit shoe in the early 2000s making a massive comeback this winter. It is hard to miss the very noticeable brown or gray sheepskin shoe walking to class.

With massive celebrities, specifically models like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, sporting the cozy boots with their “model-off duty” looks, how could you not want to join in. There is a pair of Uggs for everyone, many wearing the slippers or the newer, micro or mini Uggs.

Following this comfy trend, of course, there are the plaid pajama pants that every student wears when coming to school the moment the weather drops from 80 degrees to 79.

These pajamas, just like Uggs, can be spotted from a mile away with some students even wearing them along with their Uggs, fuzzy socks, and beloved Carhartt beanie.

Moving away from the comfy side of our winter fashion, sweaters pair well with both comfy and stylish fashion. Students have been wearing very fashionable sweaters recently with the temperature dropping. Celebrities like Emma Chamberlain have made this a winter staple whether in the form of a big sweater or a small sweater vest. Many choose to wear their favorite “grandpa sweater” which serves the purpose of both warmth and looking good with a pair of jeans or maybe even some cargo pants.

Even when not dressing purely for comfort, trends of the 2000s are back. The biggest way we see this on campus is in low rise flared jeans. We have even seen flared leggings or yoga pants. As it gets colder and we put our shorts in the back of our closets, the need for a cute pair of pants arises. Since this is an old trend made new, and everyone and their mom literally has these pants, they shouldn’t be too hard to find.

The trends for winter are all about feeling cozy and warm yet still looking good and fashionable.