Accidental Music Club sparks musical passion

By Connor Fleck

Junior Samantha Fuentes always wanted to play bass guitar but never had access to one. That all changed one day when she noticed that the school’s instruments were just sitting around after school.

“When I found out there was a guitar elective here and there was a room filled with guitars and amps just sitting there, I wanted students who couldn’t afford one like me to be able to learn and play instruments,” Fuentes said.

She asked visual and performing arts teacher Todd Simon if the instruments were accessible and if she was allowed to use them, and he agreed.

Fuentes knew a group of seniors who were willing to help teach her how to play bass, so these lessons and a combined passion for music accidentally started a club for people who were interested in learning music. This formed the first nuance of the name Accidental Music Club.
For those who understand music theory, accidentals are also a certain kind of musical note associated with sharps and flats, adding depth to the name.

Along with help from Simon, visual and performing arts teacher Joseph Cooper allowed her to use his class for club meetings in the beginning. This was until Daniel Alfaro caught wind of this club and offered his assistance. Alfaro helped with managing the club and recruiting students from his classes to join the club.

“With his music background, Mr. Alfaro has been able to help students with their performances for the concert regarding technique, rhythm, tempo, pitch, etc.,” Fuentes said.

Now the club meets in room J4 where they average around 20 members per meeting. The members learn how to play instruments such as six-string guitars, bass guitars, and drums. They have acoustic and electric guitars and amps available to use. Although they don’t have pianos in the classroom, there is one accessible outside of the D building.

During the course of the club meetings, the club is split between beginner and experienced members. After separating into groups, students with experience will assist both beginners and advanced members. The club also has two bands that perform for the school.

“Our first-ever performance was on Dec. 8, through ASB, where ASB held a quick football announcement and then we performed during lunch,” Fuentes said, “We had two groups go. 108 Vampz and Vergara. 108 Vampz performed ‘Everlong’ by the Foo Fighters, and ‘Talk’ by Beabedobee. Vergara performed ‘New Person Same Old Mistakes’ by Tame Impala.”

Since they want to remain organized, only club members are allowed to perform after getting the okay from Fuentes.

The club is still open to anyone with any skill range throughout the year. They are also working with ASB to get more performances for their club in the future. Keep an eye out for announcements from @ghchsaccidentalmusic on Instagram.