Embrace being Single on Valentine’s Day

By Kiara Amaya & Katie Bernardo

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is associated with spending time with your significant other, going on a romantic date, and most likely eating chocolate. Love is in the air, flowers are everywhere you look, and stores are filled to the brim with gifts to help you parade your love. However, not everyone enjoys the commercialized aspects of the holiday.
Despite Valentine’s Day being the holiday of love, some people have a distaste for all of the cheesy lovey-doveyness. However, no one needs to dislike February 14. Rather, everyone can have fun celebrating, even without a partner, and without the cringe.
Here are seven different ways to have a great Valentine’s Day while being single.

Take yourself to the movies
Rather than getting dressed up and going on a movie date, put on some sweats and take yourself to the movies; or join some friends instead. You’ll be able to pick out the candy you actually like and keep the popcorn all for yourself. This is a lot more desirable than awkwardly worrying where you’re going to place your hand the entire time. Most of all, choose a movie you actually want to watch.

Buy yourself flowers
Roses are traditionally the favorite on Valentine’s Day, but they are also often some of the most expensive and over-hyped. Get yourself, or have a good friend get you a bouquet of flowers you truly love sounds better than having someone buy you a dozen flowers that you’re allergic to, hate the color of, or just think are cheesy. Or get a plant.

Stay in and Relax
Just because February 14 is a holiday, that doesn’t mean you have to go out. Take a well-deserved nap while watching a new show or movie. Although most people are out celebrating, staying in might be just the thing you need after a long day. This holiday can be a good reminder to treat yourself.

Go out to eat with friends or by yourself
Skip the restaurant date and avoid self-consciousness. This way you won’t have to worry about how your eating habits look or pretending not to eat much and leaving hungry. Make plans to take your parents, siblings, or friends to your favorite restaurant. You could also be adventurous and try a new restaurant by yourself or with people you would like to celebrate the day of love with.

Cook or bake something
Keeping up with the trend of heart shaped sweets on Valentines Day, try out a new recipe to bring to your loved ones or keep them all to yourself. You could even cook a nice dinner for your family. Valentine’s Day is traditionally associated with enjoying good food and treats. There’s no reason to keep that good food just for couples.

Do something with your friends
Spending Valentine’s Day with friends changes the holiday into “Galentine’s Day” or “Guylentine’s Day.” Valentine’s Day with your friends can be celebrated in so many different ways. You and your friends can have a picnic, go shopping, treat yourselves to a spa day, host a movie night, go bowling, or visit a museum. The options are endless. Valentine’s day is about spending time with loved ones and that doesn’t always need to be a significant other. It can be your friends, family or yourself.

Valentine’s Day is ultimately a holiday to be celebrated by anyone, by yourself, or not at all. Either way, February 14 doesn’t have to be a day to dread and can be embraced as a reason to go out, be with your favorite people, or try something new. It’s a day of love and love is for everyone.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper