Makeup can be a form of art and expression

By Jenna Baker

Makeup has become a huge industry with billboard advertisements for the newest palette on every street and every other YouTuber offering tutorials for applying eyeliner. But is it possible to buy into the beautification trend and live earnestly?

Although there are those who criticize others for using makeup thinking it falsely covers their natural selves, it really is a form of expression for one’s personality and beauty.

It is true that beauty standards today are often objectifying. If someone doesn’t have the longest hair or the clearest skin, they are perceived as unattractive. But why, as soon as we do our best to cover up our flaws, are we told we’re wearing “too much makeup?” There is no getting it right.

But what does society say to someone who isn’t wearing any at all? Would they say that their dark circles are too dark? That their lips aren’t big enough? Maybe their cheekbones aren’t defined enough.

With or without makeup, women are judged no matter what. So people need to use makeup to please themselves since society will never completely approve.

“I feel challenged by beauty standards with makeup because others try to judge you by saying there’s too much on or not enough and it doesn’t look good. So, I wear makeup for myself because I like how it makes me feel, not for other people,” sophomore Violet Mendoza said.

Beyond merely making people feel beautiful, makeup is a unique form of art. Art is known to be relaxing and stress relieving. Makeup can be similar. People are able to design their makeup the way they want and show their artistic abilities through something that can typically be calming to the mind.

”I think makeup is a form of therapy for me and a lot of others because it’s fun and nice to just put on,” sophomore Sarah Ahmed said.

As with other forms of art, makeup can express a person’s personality or even mood. Some people get creative and experiment with different colors or combinations. The detail it takes to apply a streak of darker color and blend it out to sharpen certain features takes effort beyond just moving a hand. Just like someone creating a sculpture or a painting, applying makeup requires skill and technique.

“I view makeup more as an art form than a form of empowerment. It’s just about expressing my creativity with as little or as much as I like to put on my face,” senior Jessica Eldridge said.
Especially in recent years, there are many men who wear makeup as well. As people all over the world begin to watch male makeup influencers, such as James Charles or Jeffrey Star, male makeup has become more common and socially accepted.

Makeup can be a form of art and expression for men, just as it is for women. It is also a way to express inner femininity within men. With this, men are also challenged just as much, if not more than women.
Men are also held to an unrealistic standard. If men don’t constantly hold this rugged demeanor, they get called weak, vulnerable, or sensitive. Many men hide their feminine aspects out of fear of getting judged.
“Although boys in makeup has become more socially acceptable, it has affected me a little as sometimes I feel not as comfortable being out in public with makeup on because of the looks and stares that I get. So sometimes, I don’t go out in public with it on because the attention can feel weird and negative,” junior Keith Lokmagozyan said.

Although Lokmagozyanmay feels uncomfortable at times, he still continues to wear makeup. If he receives this awkward recognition, why would he continue using makeup? He does it for the same reason that many females around the world use it as well.

“Makeup gives my confidence an automatic boost. It’ll make my lashes longer. It’ll make my skin clearer. It makes me appear thinner. It will make my lips look bigger. These are things often done surgically to enhance oneself, but makeup can sometimes alter your face and give it a facade,” Lokmagozyan said.

Through the negative labels and the stereotypes that come with makeup, the positive aspects seem to vastly outweigh the negatives. Something that will always be confusing is the heavy opinions of individuals who have never tried to do something or understand the opposite perspective. It will always seem that the people with the least experience, always have the most to say.

Makeup isn’t something that is meant to create a degrading atmosphere for either gender someone may identify themselves with. Makeup is so much more than a paint cover but an empowering force that is blended into the skin you wear daily.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper