Staff wins the staff vs. students basketball game

Photo by Kylie Osullivan on Unsplash

By Divine Hanna

Family, students, and staff filled the stands at the students vs. staff basketball game that took place Friday, March 24. The highly anticipated game hyped up an eager crowd. 

Though it was a close game, the staff team won for the second year in a row.

This year’s students’ team roster consisted of students from a variety of sports. The team boasted players from the boys and girls basketball teams, the boys volleyball team, the football team, and the soccer team. The student team was coached by seniors and basketball players Yash Majaraj and Max Endler.

Coach Jon Bent took charge of the staff team, which consisted of faculty and staff from a variety of subjects and offices on campus. 

“I wanted to see the other side of basketball in terms of coaching and teaching others,” Endler said. “That is why I decided to coach instead of play this time around.”

The enthusiastic crowd was on their feet, cheering on friends and their favorite faculty and staff. It isn’t everyday you see your teachers play basketball against their students. Seeing the  competitive nature of GHC staff on the court was an incredible experience, to say the least.

“It was really fun to compete against our teachers and see the crowd be so into the game.” senior Ricky Negrete said.

The Associated Student Body (ASB) hosts the student vs. staff basketball game annually along with Dodgeball Inferno and Granada’s Best Dance Crew Competition. All of the ASB events have one thing in common: excited crowds. The game was filled with a rowdy crowd, loud music, and even a prom-posal during half-time (she said yes!). 

“It was so fun being with my friends, and seeing the teachers outside of the classroom and playing basketball,” senior Rhea Malhorta said. “The banter between the students and staff was so funny.” 

The coaches assigned the players to positions that they believed they would perform best in. The students gave the game their all, despite their loss. The game was a close one, and within the final quarter, the staff dominated the students and won. The staff celebrated with each other as they became two-time champions of the students vs. staff game.

“Staff do not get a lot of opportunities to bond outside of academic content, both with each other and with students.” science teacher Erica Brauer said. “So, it is a pleasure to be a part of this event. However, I am competitive, and it is also nice to win!”