Photo Essay: Second annual Golf Classic 

By Arlene Sanchez

On Friday March 31, Granada Hills Charter (GHC) hosted its second annual Golf Classic. The Classic is held to raise money for the boys and girls golf teams. The Classic was held at the Tierra Rejada golf course in Moorpark. There were eighteen holes for the eighteen participants. 

CAMARADERIE: Pictured are four of the participants of the tournament. The eighteen participants ranged from current golf team members to GHC alumni. The Classic also included people from the community. However, all participants had one common goal that day: to have fun and possibly win the tournament. 

TIERRA REJADA: Before the tournament, participants had a chance to practice before the game which came in handy as it is a particularly hilly course, which many were not used to. The picture above shows a perspective of a tee box in the hilly course. 

COACH MA: During the tournament Coach Daniel Ma scored an eagle. An eagle is when the player gets the ball in the hole in two strokes under the least amount of strokes from the previous hole. 

ALUMNI ARE THE WINNERS: Pictured are four GHC alumni who participated in the tournament. There was a tie of 57 between current players on the golf team and alumni participants. Coach Ma gave the win to the alumni.