Becoming a TA offers many benefits

By Jane Hanna

Many students have the opportunity to be a teacher’s assistant (TA) to earn class credit. With this experience, students are able to help either an individual teacher or an office and receive a grade for their assistance. 

The counselors work to ensure students are on track for graduation, therefore students must have at least a 2.0 GPA and a good amount of credits in order to be a TA. The counselors also prioritize juniors and seniors.

“We usually try not to have 9th and 10th graders be TAs especially because during those first few years many students are taking their required courses to meet their A-G requirements,”  Counseling Administrative Director Gina Corpus said. 

Being a TA has many responsibilities. There are four different TA jobs: teacher assistant, laboratory assistant, language assistant, and office assistant.

While being a teacher’s assistant, students will develop skills of working with teachers, recordkeeping, arranging bulletin boards, and organizing material for the class. These are skills that will be useful in the workforce after high school as many jobs involve merchandising, bookkeeping, and managing inventory. 

To be a laboratory assistant, students must have received either an A or B letter grade for the science class for which they wish to TA. As a laboratory assistant, students learn responsibility, resourcefulness, and initiative. In the labs, TA’s will gain experience in communicating with other students to ensure a safe and successful procedure. 

Language assistants must be skilled in the language they wish to tutor. These TAs help other students by further breaking down the language and making it simpler for them to understand. TAs gain communication and relationship skills while also being professional in the workplace.

Office assistants help staff members by delivering summonses to other students as well as working with staff members to keep the office running smoothly.

Whether it be retrieving something for a teacher or helping out in an experiment, becoming a TA has many benefits.  

“This TA period was really beneficial for me this year since I am able to finish work for other classes and leave time after school for extracurriculars. I don’t have to worry about anything other than taking some papers over to the office every once and a while,” senior Paulo Sanchez said.  

The most widespread benefit about being a TA is the free time given when not helping a teacher or staff member, during which students can finish assignments from other classes or just simply take an extra break. Many students with a TA period are able to use their time efficiently and not have to worry about homework assignments after school.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper