Baseball success due to teamwork and leadership

TEAMWORK: The baseball team high fives after a game showing their camaraderie. Photo courtesy of Miles Ortiz.

By Divine Hanna

The baseball team, which is currently 20-6 in their season, is known for winning multiple league championships and is a force to be reckoned with in Southern California.

One of the key factors in the success of the GHC baseball program is the coaching staff. Head coach Matt Matuszak has been coaching the team for a little over half a decade and brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the game. The coaching staff is known for their attention to detail, their ability to develop players’ skills, and their emphasis on teamwork and sportsmanship.

“We get along with our coaches well,” junior Patrick Mulvey said. “We talk and joke with them like good friends which creates a connection with everyone on the team. Our coaches are like the bumpers on a bowling lane that keep us in our lane. We have all the tools for ourselves but our coaches keep us in line.”

The team’s success on the field is additionally due to the dedication and hard work of the players themselves. The team has a reputation for being a tight-knit group, with players committed to improving their skills and supporting one another.

“We usually talk about what we should do during game time and visualize what we should put into our team,” junior Jackson Lyons said. “Our team puts in so much hard work, focusing on perfecting the little things such as bunt defense or first and thirds. This sport takes a lot of work and effort and that leads to us finding success.”

Team captain and senior Miles Ortiz is the glue that holds the baseball team together. He started on varsity in his sophomore year and also made Second Team All League that same year. The following year, he made First Team All League. He’s made five successful home runs within the past two years and has brought much leadership and devotion to the team.

“Miles is a great captain and really understands each of our strengths and weaknesses and knows how to address us when we are down,” junior Jack Donohoe said. “He’s always positive and never shows frustration. He sets a really good example for the rest of our team and the program as a whole, and motivates us to be positive amidst adversity.”

The team has won the West Valley League championship the past three years. The team’s success has been built on a strong pitching staff, solid defense, and timely hitting. For the players, being a part of this team is about more than just winning games and tournaments. It is all about the life skills they’ve learned, such as leadership, teamwork, and resilience.

“Baseball is a game of failure and mental toughness,” Ortiz said. “I’ve learned to stay determined through adversity and figure out ways to grind out of difficult situations. Baseball has definitely prepared me for the ups and downs that life may bring.”

With a commitment to academic excellence and community involvement, this team is helping to develop well-rounded students and humans who will make a positive impact on our community.

“Joining the team has given me the opportunity to meet really cool people whom I am happy to call my brothers,” senior Ricky Serrano said. “It’s one thing to meet people and be friends but another to share a common goal and work for it every single day.”