DIY Halloween Costumes

skeletone 2014

By Savannah Elahian and Saba Partovi

This Halloween, you and your best friends can find the perfect costumes to rock together and blow everyone away. From Granada-themed group costumes to quirky ones with your dog, the perfect one is just around the corner waiting for you to find it.


If you and your best friend want to stick with something sweet and simple, salt and pepper shakers can never go wrong. A group of firemen can heat up any high school party and the outfit can be easily bought from a costume store or thrift store. For the classic high school movie “Clueless,” you can recreate Cher and Dionne in any fabulous fashion. Just make sure to have the right Beverly Hills vocabulary (as if!).

OriginalIf you’re looking for something different, grab two friends, some sunglasses, mouse ears and a cane for a three blind mice outfit. Or, spread some Granada spirit and be Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Chipps, the classic, spunky duo! For Sullivan, put on a Hawaiian shirt, grab a chemistry textbook and put on a beautiful smile. For Chipps, some baggy pants, flip-flops, a snazzy math shirt, and glasses are sure to give you the full effect. Also for something really special, you or your friend can glue grey fluff from a pillow to a shirt and pants, and the other can dress as a bunny. Together, you two can be a dust bunny!


Dressing up with a group of friends can add more fun to any party. An infinite number of people can make up a homemade dragon costume. For any fangirls or guys, a pair of circular glasses, gold and red striped scarves and a few wands could easily make Harry, Ron and Hermione come to life. A more recent movie with easily recognizable characters is “Guardians of the Galaxy.” A grand red leather jacket with a killer mask, some green body paint and any wood shavings glued onto long sleeves can bring the gang together again. To be unique, create your own Granada-themed costume to rock on the 31st. “My buddies and I dressed up as the GHCHS staff and security guards one year. It couldn’t have been more unique or hilarious,” senior Fernando Betanzos said.


Man’s best friend could use a costume too. Dogs are underrepresented when it comes to Halloween, but they have so much potential for greatness! For smaller dogs, get a basket that they can fit in, and a blue-checkered dress for  yourself, and you both can be Dorothy and Toto. For your other canines, get a green collar from the nearest pet store, and Mickey Mouse ears for yourself to be the classic Mickey and Pluto duo. For longhaired dogs, a pair of reindeer antlers can make the perfect Sven for any willing Kristoff. Using hair dye for dogs can add a little extra personality to any of these costumes. Get creative!

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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