Forever Young Club creates lasting bonds with the elderly

Photo courtesy of Sahil Khullar

By Mariana Valdez

Life tends to work in mysterious ways. Earlier this year, senior Sahil Khullar lost his beloved grandmother. Despite having gone through such misfortune, Khullar was able to cope and create an outcome that would honor his grandmother.

To pay tribute to his grandmother, this year Sahil started the “Forever Young Geriatrics Club” (FYG). Inspired by his own love for science and becoming an active member of the community, his club “strives to bridge the gap betwteen my peers at school and the isolated residents I teach,” senior Sahil Khullar said.

This club tries to show that elderly people are misjudged and are truly affable and warm people just like young people.

FYG allows students to realize the importance of the elderly and how they still matter. The club writes handwritten thoughtful letters, makes videos, and talk  to the elderly.

They try to find new ways of helping them by keeping them company and making individuals feel special.

This Thanksgiving, the students of FYG club and Khullar’s International Baccalaureate (IB) peers wrote cards and letters that were dropped off to the elderly to show them that they were not forgotten during the holidays.

During this time, new friendships were created and old friends were reunited.

In the Aegis Living Home, Khullar was able to make a real connection with many of the elderly. One man in particular, Mr. Stan an 88 year old resident, told Khullar that he was afraid of losing his memory.

Khullar and Mr. Stan were able to come up with the idea where Khullar would teach a class about basic brain processes and neuro-functions. Today, Khullar continues teaching Mr. Stan and 12 other residents every Sunday.

For Khullar, he hopes to inspire another generation or cohort of students to carry on his project.

He understands that the elderly are sometimes the underrepresented members of the community and therefore hopes more people can reach out hands of friendship.

“I hope that when I leave Granada my club continues to help students bridge the gap with the elderly who are so often forgotten,” Khullar said.

Khullar and his efforts have inspired other students as well to take action.


Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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