Girls volleyball 2014 season recap

vball 1
DEFENDING THEIR COURT: Kari Whiteside (left) and Sarah Hagge (right) jump towards the net to block the Carson Colts’ during the semi-final home game. Photo Courtesy of Marissa Scott/The Plaid Press

By Lois Kim

The girls varsity volleyball team played its final match of the season against Palisades Charter High School (PCHS) on November 22, with [25-20, 21-25, 22-25, 22-25] loss of 1-3, in the Los Angeles City Section Division I final at the Roybal Learning center in Los Angeles.

Seeded No. 1, the defending Division I champion, and four-time defending L.A. City Section title champion, Granada Hills Charter High School (GHCHS), has swept Palisades before, and approached the game with confidence in their abilities.

“We didn’t bring our best game. We expected to win so we came calmer than we should have and didn’t have the intensity that the game required,” junior Jenny Tuell said.

Although the girls won the first set, they lost the next three. However, in the third set, the team pulled forward, tying it 20-20 in an attempt to regain control of the game, however Palisades eventually won the set.

“In the third game, we brought our energy back up and tried harder, but it fell through. We did have a lot of good comebacks though,” co-captain and senior Hannah Patton said.

But the girls continued to maintain good sportsmanship, admitting PCHS’ strengths and their own weaknesses.

“Palisades worked really hard and deserved to win. The team’s hits were predictable after a while, but its defense was amazing,” Tuell said.

The varsity team also stated that the game was intense, fun, and good experience.

Despite its loss, the team remains positive and hopes to use the loss as motivation to work harder for the upcoming season.

“We’ll be ready next year. We have to work twice as hard and improve our energy level and intensity,” junior Courtney Conlan said.

Junior Sarah Park agreed and added, “We need to work on our blocks, having stronger serves, better footwork when passing, and recovering hits. However, I believe that we will be 100% ready for the next season, if we just practice a bit more.”

Park then summarized the team’s season saying, “Overall, our season had lots of ups and downs and drama like any other team. But we got rid of the misunderstandings and got it together. Even on court, last year we relied more on individual skill but now, we’re working together and working off each other energy. Unfortunately, this wasn’t as apparent in our game against Palisades, but we hope to continue to bond and grow together so we’re ready for the next season.”

Ultimately, the girls had a strong season and believe that with just a little more practice, they can regain the title of Division I champions next season.


Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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