UC tuition increase upsets prospective students

UC Berkeley Campus.  Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
UC Berkeley Campus. Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

By Chang Lee

The University of California (UC) system received a record number of applications for the 2015 fall semester despite future plans to increase tuition prices.

The UC schools are a California public school system that opened its first school, University of California, Berkeley, in 1868. The UC school system now has ten schools around California and a combined student body of around 234,464. The UC system has provided quality education and updated facilities to students world-wide.

According to UC Office of the President, overall 193,873 students applied to at least one of the nine UC undergraduate campuses for the fall 2015 semester, a 5.8 percent increase over the number of applications for fall 2014.

The UC schools also received a more diverse applicant pool than years prior. The number of applications from African Americans, Latinos, Whites, and Asian American applicants noticeably increased.

Aside from the increase in applicant numbers, the UC Board of Regents, which is the 26 member governing board of the University of California system, has approved an annual increase in tuition of about 5 percent every year for the next 5 years.

It plans to raise tuition by 27.6 percent of the current price unless Sacramento agrees to pay an extra $100 million every year to the UC system. This has inspired student rallies across UC school campuses protesting against the tuition hike.

As a response to the tuition hike, Governor Jerry Brown replied that if the regents were to go ahead with the increase, the board would receive less money from Sacramentoas a consequence.

At Brown’s suggestion, the UC Board of Regents will vote on whether to establish an advisory committee that would create ways to reduce the universities’ overall cost structure.

“I applied to multiple UC schools. After applying, I was worrying about my acceptance and especially the tuition costs and the ways I would pay for my schooling. However, after hearing that tuitions will increase, my anxiety and stress levels just increased. Tuition is already a lot and I think that it isn’t wise to raise it, because many people, even with the current tuition price, have a hard time paying for school,” senior Amarissa Hoffman said.

As a result of Brown’s decision to reduce funding from Sacramento, few members of the Board of Regents wish to repeal tuition increases.

However, no voting has taken place regarding the issue. Nevertheless, students, parents, and teachers continue to debate over the issue on the increased tuition.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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