Buzzfeed trends with teens


By Danielle Korzhenyak

Buzzfeed is a popular and widely used media website which produces all types of videos on virtually any topic you can think of, such as politics, DIY, food taste- testing, animals, business, and much more.

Buzzfeed is such a trendable media website because the content is all relatable and is spoken as a voice to our generation. Buzzfeed encapsulates what all individuals say, do, think, desire to do, or want to say. They share relatable experiences and further create enthusiasm as entertainment.

In 2012, Buzzfeed expanded under Editor-in-Chief, Ben Smith, to incorporate serious journalism  alongside maintaining its witty and popular entertainment content. This enhanced the structure of Buzzfeed and gave it a more well-rounded appeal of being a serious news information stand that provides daily content for people of all ages.

The reason Buzzfeed is so relatable and personable to a wider audience is because the reporters, writers, artists, and contributors are oten featured in videos.

The videos are a wonderful representation of everyday -life situations and have topics ranging from high school drama to relationship struggles. Buzzfeed not only incorporates videos, but also includes pictures, quizzes, and lists that represent the popular topics of the day.

Recently, Buzzfeed created a video with President Barack Obama that featured a different side of the President we do not typically witness. The video was titled “Things Everybody Does But Doesn’t Talk About, Featuring President Obama.”

The video was exactly what the title entails; it featured different takes of the President and one of Buzzfeed’s popular actors taking a picture with a selfie stick, checking themselves out in the mirror, and trying out new looks.

The video not only emphasized that our president is just like us, but also advocated his affordable care act, Obamacare. This was an opportunity for the President to catch the attention of a larger and growing audience while also “living a little,” as he said in the video.

Buzzfeed was once a small and growing company, but now it has gained the attention of President Obama, which only speaks to evoke the growth Buzzfeed has garnered over the years.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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