School bands that are making a name for themselves


By Heavyn Hilton and Mariana Valdez

Music is more than beats and rhythm; it’s more than catchy phrases and gaining attention. In Granada Hills Charter High School (GHCHS) there are different forms of musical expression, one being illustrated through an unlabeled band and the other through systematic poetry also known as rap.

Klik and Koastra Norsta

It all started in second grade when a performance about prepositional phrases turned into something more.

Senior, Khaleel “Klik” Christian, an aspiring rap artist decided to take his creations and turn them into something that can be felt, heard, and appreciated.

Ever since the second grade, Klik already knew the future that awaited him.

To Klik, rapping is way more than putting words together that rhyme, in fact, when Klik isn’t performing he’s spending time exploring to perfect his music.

Inspired by rapper Lil Wayne, Klik already had in mind who he wanted to join him on his journey to his rap career. The group Koasta Norstra was born, including seven talented individuals who expressed the same passion and devotion as Klik to become outstanding artists.

Klik and Koasta Norstra have already performed at places such as the Cobalt Café and White Oaks Art center.

This is just the beginning as the group is still expanding as a whole and individually with their music.

Each member has an important role to play. For example two members of Koasta Norstra work with sound, beats, and all instrumentals.

The group hopes to release a new single in April and continue on expanding their performances to different venues in order to gain more fans and support. Klik and Koasta Norstra both share the same idea when Klik says, “Take advantage of the opportunities around you, just go for what makes you happy.”

The Cozzmos

The Cozzmos is a local band that was formed in October when two brothers, senior Kevin Mendoza and Louie “Luigi” Mendoza were playing in a studio their dad built in their home.

Inspired by Iron Maiden and The Strokes, the two brothers knew they had to seek someone who shared their interest in music.

With guitars and vocals covered, the Cozzmos asked senior Ethan Mermell to join in as the bassist.

Looking to make the band complete, the boys added senior Greg Gatewood as their drummer.

The Cozzmos look to break boundaries by maintaining an open mind about their music.

“Our music isn’t about trying to fit into a specific genre but being able to express ourselves completely into the song and have our audience make the connection,” Mendoza said.

Starting off as a young band, The Cozzmos have come a long way by playing in numerous venues and backyard shows.

Although the Cozzmos haven’t been together for a long time, the band was able to put on shows that were memorable and individualized.

“Sadly I won’t be able to continue with the band because I’m moving away for college, but I do hope the rest of the band members continue with The Cozzmos,” Mermell said.

In hopes to keep the Cozzmos legacy, the band has found a bassist they had in mind who they believed would be able to contribute as well as Mermell. On March 9th, the band released their single “Sorry.”

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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