GHCHS will always be a home to its grads


By Heavyn Hilton and Mariana Valdez

As our counselors call our names we look upon our peers and feel that sense of achievement knowing that all of our hard work paid off, leaving us with a bittersweet feeling.

Four years of our lives were spent in a school that we had a love/hate relationship with, Granada Hills Charter High School (GHCHS).

Although we had to endure the unexpected pop quizzes and fail a few tests before we were able to pass, we can’t deny the unforgettable memories and experiences GHCHS has brought us.

GHCHS’s faculty’s dedication to students’ personal and academic growth is top notch.

This has made our school a comfortable home for all of its students.

The best was brought out in all of us, including some qualities most of us didn’t even know we possessed.

“These past four years have been amazing. I have developed into a mature individual and I’ve learned a lot along the way” senior Anastasia Hawkins-Swan said.

Coming into GHCHS as a scared freshman, I didn’t appreciate this school because of all the complaints about the difficult classes and the hard work.

However, I see now that these teachers push us to do better and that the hard work, though challenging, was nothing I couldn’t handle.

GHCHS also brings a variety of programs that allows students to pursue their dreams, along with challenges.

However, the challenges are relevant to the world beyond school.

When I joined Global Business and Finance (GBF) in tenth grade, this program completely prepared me for and informed me about real life financial occurrences that most students lack when they graduate high school.

Not only am I able to graduate with a feeling of achievement, but I am also able to graduate with a better understanding of what lies outside of GHCHS grounds.

I’m prepared, determined, and GHCHS has trained me to follow my dreams and to never stop trying.

So seniors, we will always be Highlanders and we will show our true colors as we dominate interviews, become bosses in top companies, calculate equations that will have life-changing solutions, and become the best athletes the world has ever seen.

We will always carry our home with us because whose house? G-House!

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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