New iGranada campus has successful start

photo courtesy of Marilyn Koziatek
photo courtesy of Marilyn Koziatek

By Karla Comayagua

The iGranada Digital Arts & Sciences/Devonshire Campus opened for students interested in Coding & Programming, Web Design & Graphic Arts, and New Media & Digital Marketing.

“iGranada offers an elective strand designed for students interested in Digital Arts and Sciences because of the focus it provides,” Administrative Director of Instruction, Jennifer DaCosta said.

The school offers all  incoming students the opportunity to explore computer science. Students are able to become certified in digital arts programs such as Java, Html, and Adobe. Students who become certified in Adobe learn all about Photoshop, graphic design, and video editing.

As a project, students at iGranada delve into Fremantlemedia, one of the largest television producers and distributors in the world, and discover how producing and marketing in the entertainment industry works. They work on TV programs like “The X Factor,” “American Idol,” “America’s Got Talent,” and “The Price is Right.”

iGranada’s goal is to provide their students with the expertise needed to succeed in the new workforce. Seniors at iGranada receive an opportunity to have a paid internship and learn all about resume writing.

Students can also take advantage of the opportunities at Granada Hills Charter High School (GHCHS). All students at iGranada are welcome to try out for sports at the GHCHS campus and apply for ASB, Yearbook, and Colorguard. The students would just have to come to campus for their extra curricular or enrichment program.

But one of the challenges iGranada faces is finding a way to make the campus more connected to the main GHCHS campus. Students at iGranada receive the same opportunities that GHCHS students receive but the separation between both campuses poses a problem.

“One challenge is creating a connection with the students at GHCHS since it is a physically different campus,” Dacosta said.

Students not interested in Digital Arts & Sciences but drawn to the individualized approach that comes with iGranada are also able to attend the GHCHS campus.

iGranada is mostly for students with a busy schedule. The students graduate with a GHCHS high school diploma and attend classes based on a flexible schedule. Actors, gymnasts, and hockey players enjoy the small environment and “at your own pace” curriculum that the blended campus provides.

“I like iGranada because I get the chance to learn differently than I would in a regular class setting. I have the opportunity to learn at a more comfortable and steady pace when it comes to my classes,” senior Lizette Molina said.

Molina has been at iGranada since her freshman year and is now moving to the Devonshire campus.

iGranada Digital Arts & Sciences provides a new mode of learning for students.

In a technology-directed world, jobs in computer science and digital arts are constantly in demand. iGranada has the opportunity to mold their students to prosper in the new workforce.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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