Youtube stardom gives rise to new celebrities

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By Sukhmani Kaur

Movies, music, and television shows: this is just a sampling of the diverse content found on YouTube. Founded in 2005, YouTube is a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe. The website also acts as a distribution platform for all kinds of video content.

Behind its purpose of providing various forms of entertainment to its viewers, YouTube also has a lucrative side of which many are unaware.

YouTube is home to many individuals who make their own creative content, such as comedy skits and make-up tutorials. Although the whole concept of making videos in a bedroom that receives millions of views may seem unprofessional and qualify more as a hobby, many YouTubers use their creative minds as a source of living.

Today, Youtubers are redefining the traditional idea of an occupation. YouTube stars do not make money right from the start; they have to earn it.

The first step of becoming a well-known YouTuber is to build up an audience that will watch the YouTuber’s channel. In order to promote their channels, many YouTubers will center their channel with certain content or will post videos on certain days to attract a bigger and more consistent audience.

Once consistent viewers are established, a YouTuber’s income comes from the amount of views he or she garners on the video. However, the rate they get paid for their videos varies.

According to Huffington Post, “[The cost of each view on a video] can be anywhere from $0.25 to $4.00 on average.” Another way YouTubers receive revenue is when people view the advertisements found before and during their videos. They earn more money if their viewers click on the advertisements found within their videos.

In addition, YouTubers can earn money is through brand deals and merchandise. Recently, famous YouTuber Connor Franta promoted a phone app called “Jott Messenger” in his video “Apps That Need to be Invented.” Franta and other YouTubers make brand deals and are often seen promoting products on their channel as a source of income. Lastly, many YouTubers earn money through live shows, meet-ups, and tours set up to meet their fans. Recently, YouTuber Lilly Singh or “Superwoman” had her world tour titled “A Trip to Unicorn Island” where she performed 30 shows in countries all around the world.

Just like any other job, YouTubers work hard and have the responsibility of making new videos every week with unique concepts. They are constantly under pressure to impress their audience.

However, besides all the hard work, many YouTubers live the life of a celebrity in the realms of the virtual world.

Some of these Internet celebrities are more famous than television stars and are paid more than their television counterparts. According to a study done by Social Blade, YouTube stars such as PewDiePie earns between $1.2 and $18.9 million every year for his comedy videos, often about video games.

In the end, as Youtubers continue to better establish their presence in the Internet world, they also serve as a form of inspiration to viewers everywhere as they prove how an individual can be successful in life with just one tool: being true to themselves.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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