Bennett brothers’ film festival returns


By Jane Sin 

On November 7, juniors Carson and Carrington Bennett will be hosting their second annual C&C Teen Hollywood Film Festival. With the huge success of the first C&C Teen Hollywood Film Festival, the upcoming red carpet, reception, and Gala Awards Ceremony is attracting much attention from past and future guests.

The Bennett brothers created the festival for young entrepreneurs between the ages of 13 and 19 to hone their skills as aspiring businessmen and women while being surrounded by people who share their passions.

While typical film festivals consist of a series of days, The Teen Festival will have a slightly different process. In a typical festival, the first day consists of viewing  the variety of films that have made it into the competition; the second day consists of judging the films, and the third day holds the awards ceremony.

The C&C Festival will combine all of the process by viewing and picking winning films in just one day. Thus, the viewing, selection, and ceremony will be happening throughout different times in the same day.

Not only is the festival full of excitement, great food, and people that share one passion for film, but the winners of the Gala Awards Ceremony will be awarded with cash prizes, trophies, and hard drives.

There are many specific awards available, such as Best Female Director and Best Male Director. Although the first film festival was a huge success, it was undeniably a result of the Bennet Brothers’ hard work and dedication.

“The festival really requires a lot of work. You have to find a venue, people to run the programs, and sponsors. Finding sponsors was probably the hardest part about making this festival a success, but because of some connections we were able to find our first sponsor with Toyota,” Carrington said.

Despite all of the work and dedication needed to plan this huge event, the Bennett brothers were not swayed and instead held on to the vision that they had for the festival.

“We started this festival by the prompting of our parents to do something that set us apart from everybody else, but still developed our passions and the things we loved. My brother and I were always into film and acting so we decided to go big and make a teen film festival where young adults like us could develop their passions further,” Carson said.

This year, the brothers are adding new things that will make improvements to the overall enjoyment and variability.

“We are trying to expand our connections within the Red Carpet to gain more attention. At the moment we are talking with an actor from the famous ‘Maze Runner.’ The festival will also be held at a much larger space so more programs can be going on at the same time,” Carrington said.

In the end, the festival promises a day of fun and a step closer to audience members’ dreams of working in film.

“When we are older and beyond the age to be classified as a young adult, we would like to pass on the film festival to the future generation of teens to ensure a continuation of teens running. We believe it is important for there to be an outlet for youths to develop their passions and confidence and to prove that they could do things on their own,” Carrington said.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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