College and Career Fair opens bright opportunites


By Karla  Comayagua

The Connect College and Career Fair took place on Saturday, October 10. Not only were students able to receive information from multiple colleges  and organizations but the College and Career Fair also hosted college workshops and essay contests.

“This is our seventh year hosting the College and Career Fair and college representatives are always happy to meet with students because of this school’s great reputation,” college and career counselor Dionne Rader said.

Over 100 colleges and universities attended, giving the students a variety of information from community colleges, private universities, Ivy league schools, Universities of California (UC), and California State Universities (CSU).

This free admission event provided people with the opportunity to ask the college representatives questions regarding the school, including application deadlines and requirements.

Parents and students who were either confused about or simply had questions concerning college attended the college workshops offered in various classrooms throughout the day.

Two workshops included learning about the new SAT changes and ways students can prepare for it.

The other workshop was “Show Me The Money,” which was offered in Spanish and English. This workshop helped parents and students understand the financial aid process and ways students could earn money to help pay for college.

“The X Factor in College Admissions” workshop informed students what colleges are looking for in applications besides test scores and grade point averages (GPA).

Lastly, the “Colleges You Can Get Into” workshop focused on students with a 3.0-3.5 GPA with average SAT/ACT scores  interested in attending a college or university.

Besides hosting multiple workshops and schools from around the country, the College and Career Fair also administered an essay contest. The contest was open to all high school and middle school students. Students had 30 minutes to write on a topic relating to college. The topic and grading rubric were revealed at the time of the contest.

One middle school student received a $100 gift card and four high school winners received $100 gift cards.

At the end of the day, everyone left with a better sense of how to reach their future goals.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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