Janet Hwang shows that art is a part of her identity


By Lizbeth Trujillo 

Senior Janet Hwang has discovered that her true passion for art is what gives her the strength and motivation to produce a different art piece once every week and a half for her Advanced Placement (AP) Studio Art 2D design class.

Hwang has a busy schedule with AP Studio Art on top of her already stressful college applications, final SAT tests, and regular academic homework, but her passion gets her through.

After realizing that music was not her forte in the fifth grade, Hwang decided that she would try out art classes, a life-changing decision that revealed to her that art was something she enjoyed and succeeded in.

Hwang has learned to find inspiration from the world around her. She believes that taking pictures of everything from toilets to school supplies has helped her appreciate the smaller things in life and view art as an essential puzzle piece in today’s society.

“I think art is important in society because it’s so unique. History is recorded in letters and numbers, but art is truly a glimpse into the past. You can witness the culture of countries from centuries ago, or immerse yourself into a space of creativity, a rare environment in today’s increasingly mechanical society,” Hwang said.

Living up to her own expectations while at the same time trying to remain stress-free has proved to be Hwang’s most challenging aspect in being part of the art industry.

“The hardest part about being an artist is the constant feeling that you’re not good enough. confidence is key to surviving in the arts, and without it, you’re honestly suffering every single day. When creating a work of art, you’re essentially putting your pride on the line. Your art is an extension of your identity so each unique piece can’t be completed without putting your best efforts into it because then you’re just insulting yourself,” Hwang said.

Hwang’s future plans include attending an art school or a regular college and double majoring in art and Psychology, in order to eventually go into illustration or entertainment design for children.

Hwang aims to break the highly polarized division between the art world and the academic world.

“My ultimate goal is to both raise awareness of the stigma against artists in Korean culture and in our more academically-driven society. Art is always seen as the ‘stupid career’ or a joke and I want to use my art and experience as an artist to shed light on how difficult yet rewarding pursuing the arts is,” Hwang said.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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