‘Ping Pong Society’ club alters the concept of playing sports

Dylan Ping Pong

By Jane Sin

When most athletes are asked to describe their playing field, they would normally cite huge turfs, large indoor courts, vast swimming pools, or spacious tracks. However, the ping pong club calls room L16 its competitive world. This year, the Ping Pong Society brings the sport of ping pong to Granada Hills Charter High School.

Ping Pong Society meets every Thursday at lunch to introduce the sport to students and to further develop veteran players’ skills.

“I started the club to teach people how to play ping pong and bring more awareness to the sport. It’s a really good recreational sport and I found that many people weren’t fully aware of how fun and enjoyable ping pong can be.  Not only is it enjoyable, but it’s also an easily accessible sport you can play indoors or outdoors,” senior and President Dylan Nguyen said.

Nguyen envisions training the members of the club to become adept at ping-pong so that they can also participate in entertaining competitions.

“When we meet at lunch, we will be teaching the rookies the basics of ping pong and encouraging the more experienced players to aid in further training. Once we become better as a team, we plan on having local, regional, and maybe even national competitions,” Nguyen said.

Not only will the club train members to excel in the sport but it will also introduce students to others that share a passion for the underdog sport.

“The club has a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. We’re all teammates and friends. In the end, ping pong is a competitive sport that requires hard work and training but it’s also a sport that you can really enjoy,” Nguyen said.

Due to the common misconception that table tennis lacks the need for physical prowess, many people do not give it much attention. However, over the past few years, ping pong has soared in popularity. Tables can be found emerging in trendy bars and hotels, giving the sport a favorable quality. 

Competitive table tennis is also gaining popularity in international competitions such as the World Table Tennis Championships, the Table Tennis World Cup, and the Olympics. The matches are very fast paced and tense, causing the audience to be on the edge of their seats.

In the end, ping pong is a sport that is gaining popularity and recognition for its qualities.


Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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