Holiday concert brings festive cheer


By Karla Comayagua

The holiday choir concert took place on December 3 in Highlander Hall. With the holidays just around the corner, Granada Hills Charter High School’s Show Choir put the audience in the holiday spirit. The show choir began preparing for the concert directly after the fall concert. It took a number of weeks to prepare for the show because the singers had to learn all of the music and choreography.

“We promote professionalism in our classroom in order to ensure the most success at concerts and performances. We put in a lot of effort in order to make each day efficient,” senior and show choir member Nicole Wilheim said.

Four choir groups participated in the show including show choir, women’s show choir, women’s concert choir, and honors choir. Chamber choir was also included in the production, which is the four a cappella groups combined. The different choir groups sang holiday related songs including “Requiem” which is a tribute to victims of a natural disaster and “Who’s that Little Baby,” a gospel themed Christmas original. Show choir also sang seasonal favorites including “Holly Jolly Christmas.”

It is no secret that choir teacher Sarah White and the show choir put a lot of effort into making the holiday concert enjoyable for everyone. White’s selection of songs and fit in well with the holiday season, providing the audience with notions of joy and warmth.The choir also felt as if being a part of the show was an incredible experience.

“I love seeing what the other groups sing. Each group has their own experience which shows when they start singing,” Wilheim said.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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