Non-academic scholarships to help with college

By Hope Su

As seniors face the stress of applying to colleges, they also encounter the problem of paying  tens of thousands of dollars in tuition fees. In order to pay for these expenditures, many students look into scholarships. Students are often under the misconception that all scholarships are centered around academics, therefore limiting the amount of funds and grants they can get towards their college expenses. However, there are many scholarships that steer away from academics and focus more on student interest and creativity.


As smartphones become more prevalent in our lives, they also begin to change the way we apply for scholarships. Started by Dorm Bedding, the #FortonFleek scholarship asks applicants to get a creative and build a fort out of pillows and sheets. This small online comapny started this scholarship in order to help students pay for college and promote thier business. After posting their photo on Facebook or Instagram, one chosen applicant will win $1000 for the most innovative and creative fort. However, the scholarship also awards the second place competitor with a $200 scholarship.

The Duck Brand Stuck at Prom

Perfect for those that enjoy fashion, arts and crafts, the “Duck Brand Stuck At Prom Scholarship” is unique. In 2000, Duck Brand started the scholarship to promote their product and encourage college bound students to pursue interests in art and fashion. Through this scholarship, applicants make an outfit out of duct tape and wear it to prom. This scholarship allows both boys and girls to participate and display their fashion skills. Last year, Mia Rickenbach and Chandler Derbyshire of Virginia won $10,000 dollars each, proving that scholarships can be both fun and rewarding.

Peanut Butter Galore

Applying for scholarships doesn’t have to be a tedious and can include doing something as fun and as simple as making edible art. Jif Peanut Butter holds the “Jif Most Creative Sandwich” contest annually with a grand prize of $25,000 and a Jif gift basket worth $50 as a bonus. Jif started the scholarship to help people with their college experiences and support the ardent buyers of their products.

North American International High School Poster Contest

For those of you who own a car and a camera, this next scholarship is an amazing opportunity to express your creativity. 16 students can win up to $1000 if they simply submit a 25” x 21” poster of a car to the North American International Auto Show High School Poster contest. 

This is one of few scholarships that was started to encourage students to pursue a career or interest in the automotive industry. Students who participate in this scholarship have a chance of being chosen to participate in a real car show in Detroit, Michigan. With the first place winner receiving $10,000, 15 other students can win $5,300 in scholarship money.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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