ACADECA team returns as reigning state champions


By Hope Su

On March 20, Academic Decathlon (ACADECA) team scored higher than the 68 other participating teams in a series of rigorous academic challenges. This accomplishment marks the team’s fifth California ACADECA win in six years. Competitors took seven multiple choice exams, wrote an essay, attended an interview, gave a speech, and participated in the Super Quiz round concerning this year’s topic: India.

Students competed in three separate divisions based on grade point average: Honor Division (3.75-4.0), Scholastic Division (3.0-3.74), and Varsity Division (2.99 or below). The team earned the top score in all three divisions.

In the Honor Division, senior Joshua Lin won first place with a final score of 9,600 points. In the Scholastic Division, junior Mark Aguila won first place with a final score of 9,401 points. Lastly, in the Varsity Division, senior Julian Duran won first place with a final score of 9,376.2 points.

“It feels great to win another state title and we are really proud of the team and what they have accomplished in the past nine months,” coach Mathew Arnold said in an official press release.

The state win qualified the team for the national ACADECA competition later this year.

This year’s National Academic Decathlon will be held April 28-30 in Anchorage, Alaska.

The team is eager to add another win to the school’s existing winning streak of five national titles and is currently studying for the competition.To prepare, the team members practice speed and reaction time through drills.

“What I love about decathlon is the excitement and motivation you get from studying to win a championship. It’s a competition that lets you prove your abilities in a way that just isn’t possible in school. It’s great to get the chance to go up against other kids as competitive and serious as you to see if you end up on top,”  junior Mark Aguila said.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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